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Matt Hardy

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โˆ™ 2009-03-10 14:37:43
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Q: Who wants to end Jeff Hardys life?
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When does Jeff hardys tna contract end?

it ends in January of 2013 i think

What is the name of the band that plays Jeff Hardys entrance music?

Jeff Hardy Theme Song sounds like he sings it himself but it is not him. The singers of No More Words are called End-Ever-After!

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Jeff Beck - A Day in The Life

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How Can you Make A WWE Entrance Video?

you can choose simple or detailed. simple is just a set movement,music,movie. copied from wreslters detailed is like boogymans begining and Jeff hardys running and then dx chop at end its pretty easy when you start messing with it

Why are Matt and Jeff fighting?

they are fighing because Matt was so jealous that he hit Jeff in the head with a steel chair at the royal rumble when Jeff was in a match with edge.that is how it all started.then it all ended at wrestlemania in the hardys 'i quit' match.Matt hardy quit and Jeff hardy won.but at the very end,Matt brought up him and jeffs mom who had died about 23 years ago and i think Jeff started to cry when Matt did that because Jeff sniffled a little bit.Matt was jealous of all jeffs fans.he thought Jeff had way more fans than him which is totally true.

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Jeff Kinney was born in Maryland. THE END

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It will end when it wants to end

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it wants the world to end

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