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Who was Anne Frank Mr Frank?

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Anne Frank's father was Otto Frank, the only {immediete) member of the Frank family to survive the war.

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In the diary of Anne Frank what did mr frank give anne as a present?

Mr frank gave Anne frank a diary in which she named kitty

Which characters can you identify with in diary of Anne frank?

Mr. Frank Mrs. Frank Anne Margot Mr. Dussel Mr. Van Daan Mrs. Van Daan Mr. Kraler Meip

What are the characters names in the play the diary of Anne Frank?

Peter, Mr. and Mrs Van Daan , Miep ,Mr . and Mrs. Frank, Anne Frank.

What is Mr. Dussel's profession in Anne Frank?

Mr. Dussel was a dentist before he came to live with Anne Frank and her family.

How many people were in the annex with Anne Frank?

8 including Anne, there was:Mr FrankMrs FrankMargot FrankAnne FrankMrs van DaanMr van DaanPeter van DaanAlbert Dussel

What is the resolution of the diary of Anne Frank?

The resolution of the Diary of Anne Frank is when Mr. Frank later publishes her diary.

How did mr frank survive?

how old is anne frank now

Who was Mr Frank in relation to Anne Frank?

Otto Frank was Anne's father.

What was Mr Kraler's physical ailment in Anne Frank?

she thought that anne frank was a quacker who quaked to much

Who are the soup eaters in anne frank?

Mr dusselPeter Anne margot

Who is Mrfrank?

Mr. Frank is Anne Franks Father

Did Mr. Frank have a favorite daughter?

Mr. Frank dearly loved both his daughters, but he identified best with Anne.

Who was in the house with Anne Frank?

Fritz Pfeffer Patter van Pels Mr. van Pels Mrs. van Pels Edith Frank Otto Frank Anne Frank Margot Frank

Who else was hid with Anne Frank?

Mrs Frank, Mr Frank, Margot ( her sister ), Mr Van Daan, Mrs Van Daan, Peter Vaan, Dan, Mouschi ( Peters cat ), and later on in the diary, Mr Dussel, who shares a room with Anne.

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