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Q: Who was Antoine Lavoisier and how did he find respiration?
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How did Antoine Lavoisier recognized hydrogen?

Antoine Lavoisier did not find the hydrogen, he just gave him the name.

What did Antoine Lavoisier discover about oxygen in burning matter?

Lavoisier discovered that burning and respiration involve oxygen.

How did Antoine Lavoisier discover the role of oxygen in animal respiration?

What a stupid question.

What nationality was Antoine Lavoisier?

Antoine Lavoisier was French

What was the original name of Antoine Lavoisier?

Lavoisier's full name was Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

What did Antoine Lavoisier find out?

Because He was like michael

Who were Antoine Lavoisier's parents?

Jean-Antoine Lavoisier and Émilie Punctis

What was Antoine Lavoisier's nickname?

Antoine Lavoisier's nickname was 'Father Of Chemistry'

When was Antoine Lavoisier born?

Antoine Lavoisier was born on August 26, 1743.

What is Antoine Lavoisier's birthday?

Antoine Lavoisier was born on August 26, 1743.

Who was Antoine Lavoisier's father?

his father's name was jean-antoine lavoisier. i found this site really helpfulantoine-lavoisier

How did Antoine Lavoisier die?

Antoine Lavoisier was beheaded by a french gilloteen in the french revolotion

Did Antoine Lavoisier discover carbon?

Antoine Lavoisier didn't discover carbon; Lavoisier discovered that diamond is a form of carbon.

When did Antoine Lavoisier die?

Antoine Lavoisier died on May 8, 1794 at the age of 50.

How Antoine Laurent Lavoisier referred heat?

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier referred heat by feeling it

Why Antoine Lavoisier contribution important?

Antoine Lavoisier is credited with the discovery of the of mass conservation. But Lavoisier had many other important contributions in chemistry.

What is the nickname or short name of Antoine Lavoisier?

Antoine Lavoisier's nickname was "the Father of Chemistry." He did not have an abbreviated name. ---

How old was Antoine Lavoisier at death?

Antoine Lavoisier died on May 8, 1794 at the age of 50.

Where did Antoine Lavoisier discover oxygen?

How was oxygen named by lavoisier

What discovery is Antoine Lavoisier known for?

Antoine Lavoisier is known for finding out how materials burn. and many other things.

Who was Antoine Lavoisier killed by?

Antoine Lavoisier was killed by Anti-monachisits during the French Revolution's region of terror

Contribution of Antoine lavoisier in chemistry?

contribution of antoine Lavoisiers

What was Antoine Lavoisier achievements?


Who discovered combustion?

Antoine Lavoisier

Did Antoine Lavoisier have any children?

No he did not