Who was Bruno Hauptmann and what happened to him?

Bruno Hauptmann was a German-American carpenter who was tried and convicted for the kidnapping of the Charles Lindberg baby. He was ultimately executed.

It is true, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was tried, convicted, and killed for the kidnapping/killing of the famous aviator's baby, but he was really innocent. At the time, it looked as though in some points he was guilty, but later research has shown that he was innocent. Some people believed even then that he was innocent, and also, today some people believe he was guilty. I believe strongly - although I don't know who REALLY commited the crime - that Mr. Richard (he was called Richard, but yellow journalism promoted the name Bruno because it seemed more criminal-like) Hauptmann was innocent and murdered at a young age.


he was a German carprter how got acused of murder of 20 year old Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.,

Anyone who seriously studies the Lindbergh case knows Hauptmann was guilty as charged. The wood from the ladder came from his attic; he misspelled the same words the same way for the police as in the ransom letters; he was found with the marked money in his garage; he quit his job 3 days after the kidmapping but had plenty of spending money after the ransom was paid. There is no real doubt he was guilty; that's why his widow's appeals never went anywhere.