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Q: Who was Budlong school named after?
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budlong school

What is the birth name of Jack Budlong?

Jack Budlong's birth name is John Budlong.

When did Robert Davol Budlong die?

Robert Davol Budlong died in 1955.

When was Robert Davol Budlong born?

Robert Davol Budlong was born in 1902.

When was Jack Budlong born?

Jack Budlong was born on February 22, 1913, in New York, USA.

What is budlong lantay?


What is the phone number of the Budlong Woods Branch in Chicago?

The phone number of the Budlong Woods Branch is: 312-742-9590.

What is budlong instrument?

A budlong instrument is a type of musical instrument that is usually found in the Philippines. The instruments are commonly made from wood.

When did Jack Budlong die?

Jack Budlong died on August 5, 1941, in Los Angeles, California, USA of accident on set.

What is the name Budlong's origin?

The origin of the name Budlong is not listed. There were pioneers who had this name in America and this name is common in the state of Rhode Island.

Where is the Budlong Woods Branch in Chicago located?

The address of the Budlong Woods Branch is: 5630 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, 60659 4958

What has the author Ware Budlong written?

Ware Budlong has written: 'Experimenting with seeds and plants' -- subject(s): Botany, Experiments, Juvenile literature, Plants