Who was Charles Baggage?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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father of computer

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Q: Who was Charles Baggage?
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Two inventions of Charles baggage?

Charles baggage invented the digital and automatic computer.

Is Charles Baggage the father of computer?

No he is not. Charles Babbage

Father of the computer?

Charles baggage

Who is the worlds first computer proggramer?

Charles Baggage was the first programmer. ... The spelling is Babbage not Baggage.

What state was Charles Baggage born in?


Who is Charles Baggage?

He Invented The first computer!!!!!!

Who is the founder of programming?

Charles Baggage was the first person to start programming. ... The spelling is Babbage not Baggage.

What did Charles Baggage invent?

Charles BABBAGE invented a prototype of the modern computer.

What year and month Charles baggage was born in?


What other than the computer did Charles baggage invent?

DELL proses or

What contribution did Ada bayron make to computer?

she was the first programmer. she was a mistress to Charles Baggage

How did Charles Baggage benefit to the world?

I think it was Charles Babbage and he credited deservedly as Father of the Computer, the world renowned inventor of Differential Engine and Analytical Engine.