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Who was Henry M Stanley?

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Sir Henry Morton Stanley, also known as Bula Matari (Breaker of Rocks) in the Congo, born John Rowlands (January 28, 1841

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Was Henry M. Stanley a missionary?

If you are speaking of Henry Morton Stanley, then no, he was not a missionary. He is famous for finding the lost missionary, David Livingstone, when Livingstone had been missing for several years in Africa. To read more about who Henry Morton Stanley was, please click on the link below entitled "Henry Morton Stanley".

Where did the term Dark Continent originate?

Henry M. Stanley in the summer of 1878.

Why is Henry M Stanley famous?

He was the explorer who searched Africa for Dr. David Livingstone.

When did Henry Stanley Plummer die?

Henry Stanley Plummer died in 1937.

When did Charles Henry Stanley die?

Charles Henry Stanley died in 1901.

When was Charles Henry Stanley born?

Charles Henry Stanley was born in 1819.

When was Stanley Henry Prater born?

Stanley Henry Prater was born in 1890.

When did Stanley Henry Prater die?

Stanley Henry Prater died in 1960.

When did Henry Stanley die?

Henry Morton Stanley died on May 10, 1904.

When was Henry Morton Stanley born?

Henry Morton Stanley was born on January 28, 1841.

Did Henry Stanley have children?

Henry Morton Stanley did not have any children after marring Dorothy Tennant.

When was Henry Stanley Plummer born?

Henry Stanley Plummer was born on 1874-03-03.

When did Henry Stanley - cricketer - die?

Henry Stanley - cricketer - died in 1900.

When was Henry Stanley - cricketer - born?

Henry Stanley - cricketer - was born in 1873.

When was M Stanley Whittingham born?

M Stanley Whittingham was born in 1941.

For what purpose was Henry Stanley sent to Africa?

Henry Stanley was sent to Africa to locate Dr. Livingstone.

What has the author henry Stanley written?

henry Stanley has written: 'my early travels and adventures in africa and asia'

When was Steven M. Stanley born?

Steven M. Stanley was born in 1941.

When did Stanley M. Isaacs die?

Stanley M. Isaacs died in 1962.

When was Stanley M. Isaacs born?

Stanley M. Isaacs was born in 1882.

When was Stanley M. Chesley born?

Stanley M. Chesley was born in 1936.

What has the author Stanley Henry Glass Fitch written?

Stanley Henry Glass Fitch has written: 'Colchester Quakers'

When was Stanley Henry Parry Boughey born?

Stanley Henry Parry Boughey was born on 1896-04-09.

When did Stanley Henry Parry Boughey die?

Stanley Henry Parry Boughey died on 1917-12-04.

What has the author L M Stanley written?

L. M. Stanley has written: 'Poems of L.M. Stanley, ..' -- subject(s): Accessible book

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