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If you mean Jack The Ripper then nobody knows because JTR was never caught.

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Jack the Rippers 3rd victim in 1988

East End of London, England

To this day his identity reamins unknown..............Be Warned.

That's a matter of opinion we still don't know to this day who he was

because they were all prostitute's. Sad right?

The six murders generally attributed to Jack the Ripper occurred between 7 August and 9 November 1888.

London Rippers was created in 2011.

Mary Ann Nichols was killed on 31 August 1888. This is the first wowan in the rippers case.

i have been checking signatures with jack the rippers writing and i believe i found a man whose writing is exactly the same as jacks. his name is james willoughby carnac. what do u think?

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no it was never revealed, he told no-one and went around raping and killing innocent children..... poor them dont you think DEAR.....bye bye...

Jack the ripper cut up his victims to show the authorities his deeds. Jefrey Dahmer cut his victims in a more horrific manner that the Jack the ripper. He ate parts of their bodies and made things to go with his furniture with victim's parts.

Jack londons relationship with his family was preety rocky

Frontier Guard - 2010 Rippers 1-6 was released on: USA: 2010

yes. he is in fact. Jack is a family name, and there great grandfather is jack from jack and the beanstalk. The jacks are a very prestiged honor bouned family. (Ignore the guy above, no he is not.)

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jack mankee i am watching you and your family right now!!

Five members of the Parr family Bob Helen Violet Dashiel Jack Jack

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Jack A. Routon has written: 'A family tree'

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