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They '''all''' were of Jewish descent, even though some, such as Matthew (a.k.a. Levi), worked for the Romans as a tax collector, and several of them are known by Greek names rather than Hebrew or Aramaic equivalents.

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Q: Who was Jewish amongst the 12 disciples?
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Who wasn't Jewish amongst the 12 disciples?

All of Jesus' twelve chosen disciples were Jews. There was one "non-Jew" significant among the writers of the Bible; Luke, the author of the third gospel and the book of Acts.

What was the background of the 12 disciples of jesus?

They were all Jewish men.

What did the twelve disciples say at the last supper?

Who amongst you has betrayed me?

Who are the followers of jesus were praying in the upper what when the holy spirit came?

there was 120 of them including the 12 disciples the Jewish counsel

Why is Matthew considered to be Jewish?

All of the first Christians were Jewish. Jesus and his disciples were all Jewish.

What stories are Jesus 12 disciples in?

trying fine the 12 disciples of jesus in the bible

Why do the disciples all have non-Jewish names?

Because in the English Bible the disciples names are a translation of their Jewish name or possibly a transliteration of their Jewish names. For example Simon is English for the Jewish name Shimon and John is the English equivalent of Jochanan

Which of Jesus's disciples was a pharisees?

None of the 12 disciples, as far as we know, were pharisees. However, the apostle Paul, the writer of most of the New Testament letters, was a Pharisee before his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus. He was tutored in Jewish Law by the rabbi known as Gamaliel, and an expert in Jewish Law.

How disciples are there?

How many disciples?There were 12 disciples. Judas betrayed Christ, and was replaced by Mathias.

The Jewish ghettos were located in this country?

Poland amongst others.

Who of the twelve disciples were major and minor prophets?

The 12 disciples were not prophets.

Why are there only 10 and not 12 disciples and Jesus is even one of those 10 disciples?

There were a total of 12 disciples in all, and Jesus was not counted among them at all.

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