Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Who was Mozart's mother?

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Anna Maria
Anna Maria Mozart.

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his mother died in 1723

she died because she had a fever and she cut her self in thiose days the doctors were not as smart today

Mozarts wife name was Constenze Weber

There is no horn parts in Mozarts Requiem.

His childhood was very crazy and he was constantly on the road with his father, mother,and sister trave;ing to varies countries to perform!

Mozarts mother's name was Anna Maria

tell me what are mozarts most famouse pieces of music im doing a reprt

Mozarts father was Albert Einstein who tought Mozart everyday. Mozarts brother was Steve Hawkings

Johannes Dalchow has written: 'W. A. Mozarts Krankheiten' 'W.A. Mozart' 'Mozarts Tod: 1791-1971'

i think it was the gong

The Archbishop of Salzburg

The city of Salzburg, Austria.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Catholicism is the religion in which Mozart was raised.

Not good since he's dead

He was a violinist and minor composer.

Constanze Weber was Mozarts wife.

Mozart's 40th Symphony

william godfrey-taylor

The cast of Letters of Mozart - Briefe Mozarts - 1964 includes: Maximilian Schell

Constanze. She was born Constanze Weber.

Constanze Mozart, born Constanze Weber.

Leopold Mozart, himself a violinist and composer.

Anna Maria Pertl Mozart.

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