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Mr. Koophuis was one of the workers in the office building were Anne, her family, the Vann Daans, and the dentist hid in. He knew about them and helped them. He was a good man, that was what the people in hiding thought of him. He worked in the office bulding where the familyies hid.

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Who was Mr Franks Business Partner in Anne Franks Diary?

Hermann van Pels

What is mr Dussel's occupation from anne franks diary?

He was a dentist

What are mr franks and mr van daan's professions in diary of anne Frank?

mr.frank was a bank owner

What did Miep do with Anne Franks diary?

published it Edit: Mr. Frank lived unlike the others, and he published it.

Can you Compare mr Franks and mr Van daans reactions to the arrival of Albert dussel in the diary of Anne frank?

they were surprised (i'm not sure though)

Who cuts Mr van Dann?

Search it up in Anne franks diary and if you don't have one look it up somewhere else

Why does Mr Frank suggest offering the man in the storeroom a raise in salaryin anne frank diary?

Because Mr. Kraler thought that he knew that the franks were hiding in the factory

In the diary of Anne Frank what did mr frank give anne as a present?

Mr frank gave Anne frank a diary in which she named kitty

What is the rising action of The Diary of Anne Frank?

there are lots of rising actions in stories so for the diary of Anne Frank it would be some of these:1 Anne getting a diary2 The Franks go into the hiding with the VanPels3 Mr Dussel moves in4 Anne and Peter become sort of intimate5 Anne rejects her motherand many more

What is the resolution of the diary of Anne Frank?

The resolution of the Diary of Anne Frank is when Mr. Frank later publishes her diary.

Who came from a wealthier family Mr or Mrs Frank in Anne Franks diary?

I would say Mrs. Frank. She entered into an arranged marriage with Mr. Frank, and would have brought a dowry with her.

Who is Mrfrank?

Mr. Frank is Anne Franks Father

Where did people find Anne Franks diary after her death?

They found her journal in the office under the "Secret Annexe", where the Van Daans, Franks, and a dentist named Dussel were in hiding. After Mr. Frank was freed from the men's concentration camp, he learned that his wife and two daughters(one was Anne) were dead. He and Miep, a lady who had helped the Franks hide, went back to the office to look for possesions. There, they found her diary.

Who was the other family in the hiding place with the franks?

The van Pels (in diary known as van Daans) and Mr. Pfeffer (in diary known as Mr. Dussel) were in the secret annexe with the Franks. Merry Christmas! -22redroses

How did Anne franks family get food?

miep and mr clayer

What was mr and mrs franks affectionate nickname for anne?


Does Mr Kraler go into hiding with Anne in the Diary of Anne Frank?


Who was Anne Frank's maths teacher?

anne franks maths teacher was called Mr. Kraler

What happens to the franks after the war?

anne and margot died at bergen-belsen of typhus. Ms.Frank died at Auschwitz, and Mr. frank survived and published Anne's diary, and then died at 91

Who else went into hiding with anne franks family?

Mr. Dussel

How was Anne Franks relationship with mrdussel?

anne franks relationship with mr dussel was not very good he acted as if he hated anne and anne resented that anne often back mouthed him when she thought she was right and he was wrong even if he was right

What did mr Frank give to Anne Frank?

a diary

Who is Mr krauler in the diary of Anne Frank?

Mr Krauler to stary Nadine.

Where was Anne Franks annex?

the "secret annex", where the Franks and Van Daans hid was at the back of Mr. Frank's work office.

In the diary of anne Frank what was the nickname for mr Frank?