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The van Pels (in diary known as van Daans) and Mr. Pfeffer (in diary known as Mr. Dussel) were in the secret annexe with the Franks. Merry Christmas! -22redroses

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An attic on top of Mr. Franks office.

Besides the Frank family, the van Pels family (mother, father and teenage son) and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer shared the hiding place with the Franks.

Anne Franks hiding place was very small and shared with 8 people. It was the 3rd floor of her fathers, Otto, old business.

Otto Frank worked at the hiding place, in other words "Secret Annexe" but during the Holocaust, Otto went into hiding at the building where he worked. Him, his family, a couple with their son, and a dentist all hid in the attic.

Mr. Frank included Mr. van Pels in his planning almost from the beginning.

they hid in the secret annex at Otto's work place

Meip gies and several other people.

The Franks and the Van Daans did not carry suitcases to their hiding place because they did not want to draw attention and suspicion. Instead they wore as many layers of clothing as possible.

The Frank family went into hiding in July, 1942. Margot Frank had received a call-up notice, meaning that she had to report for deportation to Westerbork. The Franks had already planned to go into hiding, although Anne and Margot were not aware of this. Anne mentions in her diary that the hiding place was not ready, but because of Margot's notice, they had to move immediately.

No one really knows for sure, someone told the Nazis about their hiding place. I think :)

Anne Frank's Diary is in the museum at the hiding place where she wrote to her diary. Her hidding place was in Amsterdam.

Those in hiding were betrayed by a person or persons unknown. Three different criminal investigations after the was failed to determine who the betrayer was.

It was probally dark and misrabel. No one made a sound and was scared.

No one actually knows, but Anne and her family were wondering as soon as they got arrested by the Nazis. I personally think it was one of the people who knew about the Secret Annex.

Otto Frank's friends and colleagues, Johannes Kleiman, Victor Kugler, Jan Gies, and Miep Gies, had previously helped to prepare the hiding place and smuggled food and clothing to the Franks at great risk to their own lives.

Miep, Annes' dads employee. He also brought them food to eat

anne frank hid in a secret room behind her father's office with her family and other people.friends of anne and her family help sneak food into the hiding place. after the hiding place was discovered by German police , she was sent to concentration camps and then died of typhus

The Franks and the family they went into hidding with were found in their hiding place (which was an attic) by the Nazi army and all taken to concentration camps (which were basically torture camps). She later died from a disease called typhus (which was spread by fleas).


Because the German police were suspicious that the Ten Boom family was hiding the Jews in The Hiding Place.

The hiding place in The Hiding Place was in Corrie's bedroom and it was a little room with a secret door. The hiding place was built by Mr. Smit.

The Frank family was sharing the annex with the Van- Daan family.

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