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what ? i dont get it?

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to honor king Charles I

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Q: Who was North Carolina named after?
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How did North Carolina gets its name?

AnswerNorth Carolina was named to honor King Charles.well NC was called "The Land Of Charles" and it is north of south carolina so it is called North Carolina

Which region are named for the directional?

North Dakota, North Carolina, South Dakota, and South Carolina are named after directions. West Virginia is also named after a direction.

Which two us state are both named north and south?

North Carolina and South Carolina

Is South Carolina north or south of North Carolina?

It should be rather obvious that South Carolina is the one to the south and North Carolina is the one to the north. That's why they were named those names.

Why is North Carolina called North Carolina?

North Carolina was the northern part of the combined Carolinas. The Carolina part of the name is that Carolina was the colony was named after King Charles. The name Carolina is Latin for Charles.

Who was carolinas named after?

North and South Carolina are named after Charles II

Who is North Carolina named after?

North Carolina US state was named after two kings of England, King Charles I and King Charles II. The state's nickname is Tar Heel State.

What are the people from North Carolina named?

Collectively, they are named North Carolinians, but individually, they are named whatever they were named at birth.The nickname for North Carolinians is "The Tarheels". Someone from North Carolina might say to someone from another state, "I'm a Tarheel", meaning they live in N.C.

What two u.s states are named both north south?

North Dakota and South Dakota North Carolina and South Carolina

Why is Carolina called Carolina?

The states of North Carolina and South Carolina are named after King Charles who was the king at the time that they were colonies.

Which state has a capital named Raleigh?

North Carolina

What towns are named Ashley?

Ashley North Carolina