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Who was Obama's secretary of state?

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Hilary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton.

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Who is obamas deptarment of state?

Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State.

Who are the 4 members of Barack Obamas cabinet?

There are more than four members-- there are fifteen. They include the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton), Secretary of Defense (Leon Panetta), Secretary of the Treasury (Timothy Geithner), Secretary of the Interior (Kenneth Salazar), Secretary of Agriculture (Thomas Vilsack), and Secretary of Transportation (Ray LaHood). I enclose a link that gives all fifteen of them, and tells something about each one.

What is the email for the secretary of state?

Are you interested in the email address of the US Secretary of State or the Secretary of State for a particular state?

What is the difference between the U.S. secretary of state and California's secretary of state?

The difference is the area of jurisdiction. Another difference is that the U.S secretary of state is appointed by the president while the California secretary of state is elected. Both have the same roles but the California's secretary of state reports to the U.S. secretary state.

Who is the state of Missouri Secretary of State?

Jason Kander is Missouri's Secretary of State

Washington's secretary of state was Alexander Hamilton?

no. Jefferson was secretary of state. Hamilton was secretary of treasury.

Who is the United State Secretary of State of Defence?

John Kerry is the U.S. secretary of state and Leon Panetta is the U.S. secretary of defense

IS The Secretary of Defense the head of the State Department?

No. The Secretary of State is the head of the State Department. The Secretary of Defense is head of the Defense Department.

Who follows the Secretary of State?

Generally the secret service and assistants to the secretary of state. This also depends on which country's secretary of state you are talking about.

Do all states have a secretary of state?

No, All states do not have a Secretary Of State They Have state representatives.

Who is the Secretary of State for the UK?

Most members of the British Cabinet have the title "Secretary of State", e.g. the cabinet member in charge of education is the "Secretary of State for Education". The equivalent to the US Secretary of State would be the Foreign Secretary, or the "Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs". This is currently held by William Hague MP.

What year was Alexander Hamilton secretary of state?

He was never secretary of state. He was the secretary of treasury under Washington.

Who is the American secretary of state?

Hillary Clinton is the current secretary of state.

Who will be the new secretary of state?

Joe Biden will be the new Secretary of State

Who is Kansas Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State in Kansas is Ron Thornburgh.

Who is the US's secretary of state?

Currently, our Secretary of State is Hillary Clinton.

The role of the secretary of state in the US?

The role of the secretary of state in the US?

Who was secretary of state for Madison?

Doug La Follette, Secretary of State

Who was Houston's Secretary of State?

His first Secretary of State was Stephen Austn.

Who is the State Secretary for Indonesia?

Sudi Silalahi is the State Secretary for Indonesia.

Who was the secretary of state Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton?

Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State. Hamilton was the Secretary of Treasury.

Who were President Lincoln's secretary of state and secretary of treasury?

Secretary of State- William H. Seward; Secretary of Treasury- Salmon P. Chase; and Secretary of Treasury Simon Cameron.

Who did Obama pick for secretary of the treasury secretary of state secretary of defence attorney general in 2009?

the answer to this question is keonshayae perry.... Keonshayae is the secretary of state

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