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Q: Who was President and First Lady in 1992?
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What lady is the traditional reference to the president wife?

The president's wife is called the first lady .

If she's first lady are the kids first kids?

No. The first lady is not the real first lady. They call the president's wife the first lady. So if Mitt Romney was the president, his wife would be the first lady. So the first lady's kids are not the first kids

How would they determine a first lady if the president was not marry d?

The Vice President's wife is the First lady.

What president and First Lady were fifth cousins?

Theodore Roosevelt was president and Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady.

If the president was divorced who would be the First Lady?

There would be no first lady.

What is the current salary for the first lady of US President?

There is no salary for the first lady.

How do you use first lady in a sentence?

The first lady accompanied the president to the meeting.

The First Lady is?

the president's wife.

Who was the first lady in 1768?

There was neither a President nor a First Lady as early as 1768

What are President Obama family called?

The President's wife is the "First Lady." The President's family is the "First Family."

Who is the current first lady of the US?

The current first lady is Michelle_Obama, wife of President Barack_Obama.

Who influenced Michelle Obama to be the first lady?

no one. the president's wife is automatically first lady