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First Lady

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Another term for the president's wife is the first lady.

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Q: What is another term for the presidents wife?
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What do you call vice presidents wife what is her official title.?

the vice presidents wife is called second lady. she is called this because she isn't important. they get this name from the greek term "butt wipieia".

Can a presidents wife be a secretary?

Yes they can!!!

How long is one regular term for the US President?

A term is 4 years if they're re-elected they get another four years. Presidents in the U.S. have a 2 term limit

What do you call the Presidents wife?

The wife of the Vice president

Who was the presidents wife in the 1970s?

Pat Nixon

Which is not true about the presidents pay?

It cannot change during a president's term.

Which vice presidents that became presidents got voted in again?

Teddy Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman and Lyndon Johnson became president by accident upon the death of the president, but were voted in for another term.

What are the stats for incumbent presidents winning n the United states?

Incumbent presidents have won re-election seventeen times. Ten incumbent president have run and lost. Three incumbent presidents were not nominated despite making a serious try for nomination. Two (Tyler and A. Johnson) were essentially ejected from their parties and one (Buchanan) had his party split up and so did not run for another term. Six who were eligible for another term chose not to seek another nomination.

What are the first 50 presidents wife's names?

Only forty-three presidents and one was a bachelor

Does a retired presidents wife get a pension?

Widows of presidents are entitled to $20,000 per year in pension.

What is the name of the French presidents wife?

carla brum

Which presidents wife is credited for teaching him to read?