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She was a lawyer in Chicago.

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Q: What did Michele do before she became the presidents wife?
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What presidents wife became an ambassador to the US?


Which presidents wife was also involved in politics?

Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary, is the most involved, actually being a US Senator and the current Secretary of State. Eleanor Roosevelt , Franklin's wife, would be second , but Obama's wife, Michele may evetually surpass her in political efforts .

What kind of group was Martha Washingotn a member of?

Martha Washington was the wife of US President George Washington long before he became president. She was an aristocrat and became the first of the group called "First Ladies", meaning the wives of US Presidents.

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She died long before her husband was president.

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Alexander Mahone's wife

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Grover Cleveland was the only one who wife gave birth while he was President.

Which president had no first lady due to the fact that his wife died 19 years before he reached the white house?

VanBuren's wife died in 1819, 18 years before he became president in 1837. Jefferson's wife died in 1776, 25 years before he became president. in 1801. Arthur's wife died in 1880. about 19 months before he became president in 1881. Jackson's wife died in December, 1828, some 3 months before he became president. VanBuren seems to be the closest to being the answer to your question.

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Cory Monteith did not have a wife. However, he was dating Lea Michele.

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Don’t know

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Yes they can!!!