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Who was Reinhard Heydrich?

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2011-12-04 21:44:46

He was known as the "Butcher of Prague." He held many titles in

his illustrious career, including Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and

Moravia, chief of the RSHA, and president of Interpol. He was also

an SS-Obergruppenfuhrer in the OKW, a rank equivalent to General.

As skilled in the cockpit of a plane as he was as an executioner,

he flew more than 100 combat missions for the Luftwaffe before

being shot down and forced to withdraw from active duty (Hitler saw

him as too valuable to lose).

He was mortally wounded on May 27, 1942, by British-trained

Czech assassins who ambushed his car, which was on-route from Liben

(a suburb of Prague) to a nearby airport where he would fly to

France and meet with Hitler about the mounting resistance movement

there. A bomb was thrown to the rear of the vehicle, causing

serious damage to Heydrich's lungs, spleen, and liver. He made it

to a hospital, but slipped into a coma, and died a week later on

the 4th of June, at around 4:30am. Hitler ordered a mass execution

in the town of Liben in retaliation, killing 1,300 Czech men,

women, and children.

To see more about Reinhard Heydrich, please see his attached

Wikipedia article.

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