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After Britain and France gave away Czechoslovakia to Germany, Russia made a nonaggression pact with Germany. Then after Germany attacked Russia, Russia allied with Britain, the USA and Free France, and other Allied nations.

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No Russia did not surrender in world war II

Russia declared war on Japan during World War II on August 8, 1945.

Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia at the beginning of the war.

Tsar Nicholas II was the leader of Tsarist Russia in World War 1.

Both world wars had Germany on one side and Britain, France, the United States, Russia, and China on the other. Differences include the fact that the Russia of World War I was the imperial Russian Empire while the Russia of World War II was the communist Soviet Union. Countries that changed sides include Turkey (for Germany in World War I, neutral in World War II), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (for Germany in World War I, no longer existed by the time of World War II), Italy (against Germany in World War I, for Germany in World War II), and Japan (against Germany in World War I, for Germany in World War II).

Czar Nicholas II was the leader of Russia at the beginning of World War 1. Vladimir Lenin was the leader at the end of the war.

Russia was involved with World War II near the ending of the war. They volunteered to be allies and fought in the war until it later ended, they were allies.

Tsarist Russia in World War I and the Soviet Union in World War II.

Most of Stalin's popularity comes from his regime's victory over the Germans in World War II. World War II is known as the Great Patriotic War in Russia.

The population of Russia prior to their entering World War II was 109,300,000.

During World War I, they were at war from 1914 until 1918. During World War II, it was 1941-1945.

During World War II Russia isn't a part of any empire, it was a "republic".

because they are belonged to winner alliance in world war II

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During WWI the Czar of Russia was Nicolas Romanov II. He was the cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany; this lead to unrest between Russia and Germany as the war progressed.

Tsar Nicholas II led Russia in World Was 1 before the revolution.

Russia was in an interesting position after World War II. In 1950, the country entered into what became known as the Cold War with the United States.

Russia pulled out of world war 1 because of this reason: NOT SURE! Actually, Russia pulled out because of an internal revolution. It was right after Czar Nicholas II was overthrown. ... ... the Bolshevik Revolution prompted Russia to pull out of the basically there was a civil war within Russia, so they had to concentrate on that rather than the world war Farz xx

Joseph Stalin was the Premier in Rissia in World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt (and later, Harry S. Truman), was President of the United States in World War II.

Japan had fought a war with Russia and had invaded Manchuria prior to the start of World War II.

Russia, as part of the Soviet Union was one of the major Allies of World War II along with the US, China and the British Empire.

Which Japanese War? China 1894? Russia 1904? China 1933? Russia 1939 (Nomonhan Incident)? World War II (1941-45)?