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Joseph Stalin was in charge of Russia.

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Who is czar Nicolas?

he was the leader of the Russians in world war 1 :) hope this helped!

How did the end of World War 2 lead to the Cold War?

after the war the Americans and the Russians were both eagerly interested in the intercontinental missiles Germany had developed towards the end of world war 2. the Russians kidnapped German scientists and told them to make one where as the American paid the leader of the scientists to make them one. the race for the weapon to reach anywhere in the world was on.

Were Russians in the World War 2?

The Russians played a HUGE role in WW2. They did fight and they made it a two front war

Who was the German government leader during the world war 2?

Adolf Hitler was the dictator during World War II. He was the leader of the German during that time.

Who were the white Russians?

If you are referring to the white Russians in the Russian civil war, the white Russians were the non-communist party in the war. They were supported by the allies of World War One, but they did not receive adequate backing, and lost the civil war.

How many Russians soldiers and civilians were killed in World War 2?

The number is around 20 Million Russians died in the war.

How many Russians were killed in World WAr 2?

As a result of ww2 5 million Russians were killed.

German leader in World War 1?

Who was the leader for the Germans in world war one???

Who was the leader of World War 1 in china?

who was the leader of china in world war one

What price did the Russians pay in world war 2?

The highest price the Russians paid in World War 2 was having 20 million of their people murdered by the Nazi Germans.

Why was World War 2 not the war to end all wars?

Basically, because there were two victors. The Allied Nations of the World, and the Russians. The Allieds were Democratic, and the Russians were Communists. Well no one expected another World War after WW1

When and where was Tecumseh?

he was an native amarican leader around the time of world war II

Who was Germany's leader during World War I?

Kaiser Wilhelm was the leader of world war 1

What starts with o that has to do with world war 2?

Odessa , Ukraine ; this was an important warm-water port helping to supply the Russians with war materials helping the Russians in their war with the Germans .

What other name is known World War 2 in Russia?

Russians refer to World War 2 as "The Great Patriotic War".

Why aren't the Russians acknowledged for winning World War 2?

The Russians were on the winning side, they did not win the war by themselves. Of the Allies fighting in Europe the Russians suffered the biggest losses, but much of the equipment (planes, trucks) the Russians used were made in America.

Who was the leader of Russia in World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia in World War 2.

British leader in World War I?

David Lloyd George was the British Leader in World War 1.

Who was the leader of the USSR at the end of World War?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the USSR after World War 2.

Did Hitler and the Russians work together in World War 2?

no they just didnt attack each other for a short time during ww2 because stalin(russian leader was not ready to fight hilter) and did not wanted a front war russia on one side and britain and france in the other.

Who was the leader of Russia at the beginning of World War I?

Czar Nicholas II was the leader of Russia at the beginning of World War 1. Vladimir Lenin was the leader at the end of the war.

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