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John the Baptist was not married.

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He wasn't married.

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Q: Who was St. John the Baptist's wife?
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Who were St John the Baptists grandparents?

Elisabeth's parents

What is the teachings of st john baptists teachings?

John teaching were simple repent of your sins and be baptized , make way for the lord.

What did the angel tell John the Baptist father?

The angel Gabriel came to John the baptists father, and told him that his wife Elizabeth, would have a son .

What significant events happened in John the Baptists life?

John prophesied the coming of Christ and then baptised Him. He was beheaded because he rebuked Herod for his relationship with his brother's wife.

What does St. John want Jane to do?

accompany him to India as his wife

What is john the baptists symbol?

a dove

What was Saint john the baptists occupation?


What has the author John T Christian written?

John T. Christian has written: 'Did they dip?' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Baptism, Baptists 'A history of the Baptists of Louisiana' -- subject(s): Baptists 'Close Communion or, Baptism as a Prerequisite, etc' 'Baptist history vindicated' -- subject(s): Baptists, History '\\' -- subject(s): Controversial literature, Lord's Supper, Baptists, Close and open communion 'A history of the Baptists' -- subject(s): Baptists, History

What is the difference of St. John's feast to other Christian feasts?

St John the Baptists day is celebrated on 7th January and also on 29th August. 7th when He was baptized by Christ and 29th In rememberence of Him when Herrod cut off his head as a gift to his niece for her birthday. This was influenced by her mum.

What was john the Baptists surname?

he was knowed as john the baptists so im sorry i dont know

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