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Q: Who was Treasurer of the US in 1935?
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Who is the US State Treasuer?

Can you re-do your question? Do you want the US Treasurer or the Treasurer of some state? Because there is no such thing as US State Treasuer.

Who is the us treasurer?

The treasurer of the United States is Anna Escobed Cobral.

Whose signatures are on a 1935 B US 1 dollar bill?

Secretary of the Treasury: Fred M. Vinson US Treasurer: W. A. Julian Despite the 1935 series date, the "B" subseries was printed during the first Truman Administration. 1935 B $1 bills were issued for exactly one year, from 07/23/1945 to 07/23/1946.

Whose name is on the 1969a series hundred dollar bill as US treasurer?

Dorothy Andrews Elston Kabis was the 33rd treasurer of the US

Are the Secretary of the Treasury and the US Treasurer the same?

No, the Secretary of the Treasury is a Cabinet position and is the boss of the US Treasurer who is in charge of the money supply and Mint.

Who was the 1st treasurer of the US?

Alexander Hamilton

Who was the first us treasurer?

Francine Neff was the first Treasurer Francine Neff was the first Treasurer Francine Neff was the first Treasurer. Though Alexander Hamilton was sworn in as the first Secretary of the Treasury on September 11, 1789.

What is the name of the treasurer of the US?

Timothy F. Geithner

Who is the current treasurer of the US?

The Treasurer of the United states in July of 2014 was Rosa Gumataotao Rios. She was appointed by the president in August of 2009.

Who was the first Hispanic Treasurer of the US?

Katherine Davalos Ortega

What two people sign all US currency?

The Secretary of the Treasury and the US Treasurer.

What two signatures appear on all bills?

The Treasurer of the US and the US Secretary of the Treasury