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Burger man. (he feels bad when his brothers get eaten)

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Q: Who was Victoria Woodhull running mate?
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When Victoria Woodhull ran for president who ran with her?

Victoria Woodhull's running mate in the U.S. Presidential Election of 1872 was author, public speaker and former slave Frederick Douglas.

When Victoria Woodhull ran for president with whom did she run?

Victoria Woodhull ran for president in 1872 as the candidate of the Equal Rights Party. Frederick Douglass was nominated as her running mate, but it is unclear whether he actually accepted or campaigned for the ticket.

Who did Victoria woodhull lose to?

Victoria Woodhull lost to Horace Greeley.

What was Victoria Woodhull's education?

Victoria Woodhull's education was mostly self-taught.

What is Victoria Woodhull's birthday?

Victoria Woodhull was born on September 23, 1838.

When was Victoria Woodhull born?

Victoria Woodhull was born on September 23, 1838.

When was Victoria claflin woodhull born?

September, 23,1838 that was the very date she was born. type on when was Victoria Claflin Woodhull born!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

What were the names of Victoria C Woodhull's children?

Zulu Maude and Byron.For a detailed biography; "America's Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull" - a feature documentary with Gloria Steinem, historians and actress Kate Capshaw who performs Woodhull's on words. Visit

How many sister does Victoria Woodhull have?

she has 3 of them.

Why is Victoria Woodhull famous?

She was a womans activist

What collage did Victoria Woodhull go to?

Victoria Woodhull was mostly self-taught and apprenticed to others in her areas of study and interest. She never attended college.

Who was the first women to run for president?

Victoria woodhull