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Who was Wilfred A Peterson?

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he has a buissness called the Peterson house the house was made for nursery and April 14 Abraham Lincoln slept there

2011-09-13 21:28:26
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When and where was Wilfred A Peterson born?

Wilferd Arlan Peterson was born 8/21/00 in Whitehall, Michigan. He and his wife, Ruth, had one daughter, Lilian Peterson Thorpe, now of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Mr. Peterson died 6/2/1995.

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How may you get permission to quote from The Art of Living by Wilfred Peterson for eighth Grade Graduation?

Simon and Schuster were the publishers of the Art Of Living books by Wilfred Peterson. If you visit their website at no doubt you can find a comment form or email address and write to them. Tell them exactly the part you want to quote, and that it is for an 8th grade graduation. I would hope they would not charge you a fee for use of the material. Good luck, and congratulations on the graduation. Michelle

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