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Antoine Walker

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Q: Who was a Celtics forward with jersey 8?
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Who has had their Jersey Number 15 retired?

tom heinsohn #15 played for the Boston celtics. retired 10/15/66 help celtics won 8 championships.

Who in the NBA wears the number 28 on his jersey?

Aron Afflalo on the pistons Sam Cassell on the celtics

Who is the forward for the Boston Celtics?

Paul Pierce

What begins with the letter x that has to do with the Celtics?

Xavier McDaniel played in the NBA for the Boston Celtics. He played forward for the Celtics during 1992-1995.

What position did Shaq play for this year?

Shaquille O' Neal Played Center For The Boston Celtics ;)

Does any celtics have jersey number 1?

Walter A. Brown

Who swept the Celtics in the 2003 playoffs?

The New Jersey Nets

Where can you get a celtics jersey like ray allen's mom has?


Where can someone buy a Celtics jersey?

One can buy a Celtics jersey from the following retailers: NBA website, Celtics Store, Amazon, Dick Sporting Goods, World Soccer Shop, Sports Authority, ESPN Shop, Football Fanatics, to name a few.

What was Chauncey Billups jersey number when he played for the Boston Celtics?


Who is jersey and what number was the last to be retired by the Celtics?

Reggie Lewis #35

How much would a classic celtics jersey cost today?

about $200