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Q: Who was a proponent of Greek rationalism?
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Was Socrates for or against rationalism?

Socrates was thought to be a strong proponent of rationalism.

How did Greek rationalism help lead to scientific revolution?

The rationalism is according to the fat people in Greece

How did Greek rationalism help lead to the Scientific Revolution?

The rationalism is according to the fat people in Greece

Classical Greek artworks are not usually regarded as expressions of?

a balance of surrealism and rationalism

What did ancient greek thinkers emphasize?

The ancient Greek masters outlined the importance of empiricism and rationalism in the quest for knowledge. They believed that while the former propounds the genius of practical knowledge, rationalism interrogated knowledge as a matter of reason.

Who developed rationalism?

Rene Descartes was the father of rationalism.

Why is Greek rationalism important to the Greeks?

Philosophy was central to the Greeks in that it shaped their lives, culture and politics. Much of democracy was based on philosophy.

Appeals to logos were common in colonial era rhetoric because so many people believed in .?


Is the idea that reason is the main source of knowledge at the core of rationalism?


Sentence using the word proponent?

A proponent is someone who argues in favor of something. Here are some sentences.I am a proponent of change.Mike is a proponent of the new law.The church is a proponent of tolerance between people.

What does proponent mean?

supporter (proponent is a noun).

What is project proponent mean?

project proponent