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Who was aldolf hitlers mistress?


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Her name is Eve Bruan.

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Hitlers mistress for 12 years, and later wife, was named Eva Braun. Eva was a shop assistant from Munich.

Eva Braun. He finally married her shortly before the two of them committed suicide.

In his bunker in Berlin.

Eva Braun was Hitler's mistress until April 1945 when they married in the bunker under the Reich Chancellory and then committed suicide.

I am guessing it was just like any other German soldiers it was hard, it was said that he had a mistress and also had a child with her!!

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Yes. Eva had been Hitler's Mistress for years. They were married the night before they decided to commit suicide. they died together in Hitler's bunker under Berlin.

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Adolf Hitler's Birthplace -- Braunau, Austria on 20 april,1889.

Hitler and Braun did not have any children.

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Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

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