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Her name is Eve Bruan.

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Q: Who was aldolf hitlers mistress?
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What were the names of hitlers wife?

Hitlers mistress for 12 years, and later wife, was named Eva Braun. Eva was a shop assistant from Munich.

What was the name of hitlers mistress?

Eva Braun. He finally married her shortly before the two of them committed suicide.

Was Aldolf Hitler a Jew?

No, he was not.

Did Aldolf Hitler have xenophobia?


What was hitlers girlfriend name?

Eva Braun was Hitler's mistress until April 1945 when they married in the bunker under the Reich Chancellory and then committed suicide.

Who was aldolf Hitler married to?


What disease did Aldolf Hitler have?


What was Hitlers love life like during the Holocaust?

I am guessing it was just like any other German soldiers it was hard, it was said that he had a mistress and also had a child with her!!

What year did aldolf Hitler die?


Where did aldolf Hitler die?

In his bunker in Berlin.

Did aldolf Hitler have any friends?

Take a guess!

Who was the leader of the Nazi party which started in Gernamy?

IT Was Aldolf Hitler

Who discovered the diphtheria vaccine?

Emil Aldolf Von Behring

Is Eva the name of Hitlers wife?

Yes. Eva had been Hitler's Mistress for years. They were married the night before they decided to commit suicide. they died together in Hitler's bunker under Berlin.

Who developed the plan used for world war 2?

Aldolf Hitler

How did aldolf Hitler come to power?

how did adolf Hitler come to power

When did aldolf hittler died?

he died during ww2 he shot his self in the head

Which country did aldolf Hitler rule over?

Hitler ruled over Germany.

What year did Aldolf Hitler become the leader of the Nazi party?

July 29, 1921

What is Hitler's real name?

his real name was aldolf, but people started calling him by his last name.

Did aldolf Hitler and Eva braun have any kids together?

Hitler and Braun did not have any children.

Who named their dog Hitler?

Actually Hitlers dog was Blondie, and was a gift from Martin Bormann. Hitler loved his dog although Hitlers mistress Eva Braun did not. She used to kick the poor dog at times. Blondie met hear death in the bunker after having beeing forced to take a cyanid-capsule by the hand of Sergeant Fritz Tornow. Hitler could not stand it, so he left. ---

Who is hitlers dad?

Hitlers father was Alois Hitler.

Do you say mistress of ceremoy or mistress of ceremonies?

The female version of Master is Mistress, thus it would be Mistress of Ceremony. "Mistress of Ceremonies" would be the plural, and would only be used if you were the Mistress of Ceremony for multiple ceremonies.

What was Paula Hitlers Nickname?

I Think It Was Hitlers Bloody Mess.