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Q: Who was an American pretender to the Hawaiian throne?
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Who is a false pretender?

In order to understand "false pretender" one needs to understand the historical use of the word "pretender" as in " a pretender to the throne". To be a "pretender" does not mean one is necessarily illegitimate. A "pretender to the throne" could be simply "one who claims the throne or the title". A "pretender" could be legitimate royalty. Therefore, a "false pretender" is a claimant who is not genuine, not legitimate. This all gets confusing because the word "pretender" has a different connotation today.

What is a claimant to the throne called?


Why was Bonnie Prince Charlie called the Young pretender?

He was a pretender to the throne of the UK and he is known as the "Young" pretender to distinguish him from his father known as the "Old" pretender.

Can you make a sentence using the word usurp?

The general attempted to usurp the throne from the rightful king.

Who is bonnie prince charlie?

Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie, The Pretender, etc) was a Scottish claimant to the throne of Britain.

When was American-Hawaiian Steamship Company created?

American-Hawaiian Steamship Company was created in 1899.

Does Jesus have a bloodline?

There are 3 claims: · Basharat Saleem, the late Kashmiri caretaker of the Martyr's Tomb of Yuz Asaf in Srinagar. · Michel Roger Lafosse, a Belgian false pretender to the throne of the former Kingdom of Scotland. · Kathleen McGowan, an American author, lyricist, screenwriter.

How do you say American in Hawaiian?

American = Amelika

If Germany still had princes who would it be?

Germany was a land of -many- duchies, princedoms, and so forth, however, the current heir to the Throne of Germany and Prussia would be Friedrich George von Hohenzollern, Crown Prince of Prussia, Pretender to the Imperial Throne of Germany.

Why is Lambert simnel important?

Lambert lived but he then died in a battle.

Who wrote the original song 'Pretender'?

The song 'The Pretender' is a song from 1976 that was not only wrote but sung by the same man, Jackson Browne. Browne was an American rock musician who made the song very popular.

Did the Hawaiian chief Kalakaua gave up the throne after US interests forced him to sign a new constitution?