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Mitchel Palmer, who started the Palmer Raids.

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Q: Who was attorney general during the Red Scare?
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What freedom did the attorney general of the US violate during the Red Scare?

Freedom of speech

Who was the most tenacious pursuer radical during red scare?

Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer

Which freedom may have been illegally denied by attorney General Palmer during the red scare?

The Freedom of Speech.

Who was The attorney general in 1919?

A. Mitchell Palmer served as the Attorney General of the United States in 1919. He was known for his involvement in the Palmer Raids, which targeted suspected radicals and anarchists during the Red Scare.

In the Red Scare what were the raids called?

During the First Red Scare the raids on suspected political radicals were known as Palmer Raids, named after US Attorney General Alexander Palmer, who ordered the US Justice Department to conduct the raids.

US attorney general who rounded up thousands of alleged Bolsheviks in the red scare of 1919-1920?

Mitchell Palmer

Was the crucible written during the red scare?

The Crucible was not written during the Red Scare, but later on in response to the brutality of the Red Scare.

Why is A Mitchell Palmer important?

Because he was the attorney general of the first Red scare which was a period(in the 1920's) where the government went after communists and others with radical views

What is a witch hunt and how did it happen during the red scare?

red scare very importnat.

How many people died during the Red Scare?

no one died as a result of the "Red Scare"!

What does the red mean during the Red Scare?


What began the red scare?

In American history, the First Red Scare took place in the period 1917-1920, and was marked by a widespread fear of anarchism, as well as the effects of radical political agitation in American society. Fueled by anarchist bombings and spurred on by Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer.