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Who was awarded the purple heart during World War 2?


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According to National Geographic magazine (November 2008) there were approximately 964,409 Purple Hearts awarded in the second world war.

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The Purple Heart was not awarded during the Civil War. It became an award for those wounded in battle during World War 2. Prior to that, the Purple Heart was awarded for valor in the Revolutionary War, when George Washington had three made and personally awarded them.

The US Purple Heart Medal is awarded for wounds received from an enemy combatant during time of war.

The first Purple Heart was awarded on February 22, 1932. This was many years after World War I had ended, however, there were an estimated 320,500 purple hearts awarded to veterans of World War I.

John F. Kennedy was awarded the Purple Heart for his service in the Navy during World War II.

The Purple Heart is awarded for wounds sustained during combat against an enemy of the United States

None. The Purple Heart wasn't awarded between the Revolutionary War and World War 2.

There were an estimated 1,076.245 Purple Hearts awarded during WWII and there is no comprehensive list.

The purple ribbon indicates that the wearer was awarded a Purple Heart. This is awarded when a service member is injured or killed during service.

you get injured in battleThe purple heart is awarded to military personnel who were wounded during service -- particularly if they were wounded during a war.

George Washington, who first awarded the Purple Heart during the Revolutionary War is depicted on the modern Purple Heart. George Washington.

The purple heart is awarded in the American military (Army, Navy, Marines Air force & Coast Guard) for being wounded.

who was awarded russia's purple heart and why

The Purple Heart Medal is awarded to any military member who is wounded by an enemy of the US during a time of war.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is made up of military men and women who have been awarded the Purple Heart. The Purple Heart is awarded for wounds suffered in combat.

There were an estimated 320,518 awarded.

The Purple Heart Medal is awarded to a military person who was wounded by an enemy of the US during time of war or conflict.

The Purple Heart was originally awarded for heroism during the Revolutionary War. George Washington had the award made and presented three of them.

Yes, James Meurer, was awarded a purple heart during Operation Desert Storm. He was wounded in action against the Republican Guard while conducting a DART mission.

1.8 million Purple Hearts have been awarded. The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded to soldiers who have died or been wounded while serving in the military.

No, the Purple Heart is awarded to an individual, not a group or entity.

The Purple Heart Medal is awarded to a military person who received a wound from an enemy of the US while engaged in combat during a period of war.

The US Purple Heart Medal is specifically awarded for a combat wound received from an enemy combatant during wartime.

There is not a central list of Purple Heart recipients. These are awarded on unit orders at division level. Each individual's DD214 Discharge record should reflect the Purple Heart if it was awarded.

According to the history of the Purple Heart, it was awarded to anyone while serving under competent authorityin any capacity with one of the UI.S. Armed Services after 5 April 1917, who had been wounded or killed, or who has died or may hereafterdie after being wounded. So, I would suggest that the Heart was awarded during WW1 as it didn't end until 1918.

An estimated 1,076,245 were awarded and no comprehensive list exists.

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