Who was awarded the very first gold record in music?

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Perry Como's hit "Catch a Falling Star" was the first OFFICIAL gold record as noted by the RIAA, in 1958.
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What was the first music ever recorded?

There have been many opinions of what the first recording is. Some claim it was Thomas Edison's "Mary Had a Little Lamb was the first recording ever (which is the most famous rumor). It was the first recording that could be played back after recorded, but it wasn't the FIRST RECORDING EVER. The fi ( Full Answer )

How can you get a record of awards and decorations awarded to a soldier?

Answer . The first step is to try to locate their discharge documents. (Modern days that would be a DD-214). If the individual is deceased and you know the burial site contact them for any records they may be holding and the name of the Mortician in case they may have any documents in thei ( Full Answer )

What players won the AL Gold Glove award at first base?

American League 1B Gold Glove Winners List . 1958 Vic Power Kansas City Athletics / Cleveland Indians 1959 Vic Power Cleveland Indians 1960 Vic Power Cleveland Indians 1961 Vic Power Cleveland Indians 1962 Vic Power Minnesota Twins 1963 Vic Power Minnesota Twins 1964 Vic Power Minneso ( Full Answer )

What players won the NL Gold Glove award at first base?

National League 1B Gold Glove Winners List . 1957 Gil Hodges Brooklyn Dodgers 1958 Gil Hodges Brooklyn Dodgers 1959 Gil Hodges Los Angeles Dodgers 1960 Bill White St. Louis Cardinals 1961 Bill White St. Louis Cardinals 1962 Bill White St. Louis Cardinals 1963 Bill White St. Louis Card ( Full Answer )

What was the very first phonograph record?

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. The first recording was Edison himself reciting "Mary Had A Little Lamb". The first records were cylindrical like a rolling pin.

What was the first music recording?

I believe the first music recordings were tests, done in the 1890s. But the first "real" music recordings began right after the turn of the century with Blues & Jazz. Talent Scouts recorded "slave songs" to recruit blues singers from the fields. The oldest I have, is a 1918 Al Jolson, On the ( Full Answer )

In which year Gold medals first awarded for winning an event?

The first Gold medal awarded in the Modern Olympics was in 1896 and won by Leonidas Pyrgos in the Fencing Event. His score was A 1-0 against the French Champion Maurice Peronet. In the Ancient Greek Olympics the award was an olive wreath which was worn as a type of crown signifying the Champion o ( Full Answer )

What was the first record to enter the music charts at number 1?

Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone" single (1995) was the first single to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The first album to debut at #1 on the Billboard popular-album chart was Elton John's Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975).

What is very in music?

Very in music would obviously be the whatever the Jonas brothers sing or Miley Cyrus, my favorite would me Demi Lovato. Simply because she is different she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and that's how i am.

Who was awarded the very first gold record?

On March 14, 1958, the year the awards were launched, the RIAA® awarded the very first Gold plaque to Perry Como for his hit single, "Catch A Falling Star" (RCA Records).

Where was the first recording music studio?

That's hard to pin down. In 1890 Columbia was working in Washington DC and the company that eventually became Victor was working in New York, while Edison was in Menlo Park, NJ. Nikki Hornsby's Grandfather (Dan Hornsby) worked in 20s as A&R for Columbia Records and the process was recorded by port ( Full Answer )

Who found the very first gold?

Our ancient ancestors found gold first and as there are no records going back that far we do not know who first found gold.

Who made first music recording?

Among the first was made by Thomas Edison for "Mary Had A Little Lamb" for his invention, the phonograph, in 1877

What is the first type of music The Beatles recorded?

Before The Beatles were called The Beatles, they were known as The Quarrymen. It originally consisted of just John Lennon and several friends, but George Harrison and Paul McCartney joined later. They played skiffle music, which is a type of folk music with blues, jazz, and country influences. Skiff ( Full Answer )

What was first gold record?

Catch A Falling Star, written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss, and recorded by Perry Como, was the first ever record certified by the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA) as selling over a million copies, and therefore the very first Gold Record was presented to Perry on 5th March, 1958. ( Full Answer )

How do music artist record music?

There are many different ways that artists and musicians can record their music. Most signed or popular artists prefer to use a professional recording studio. Professional studios, in comparison to home studios, give the artist a variety of ways to create and record music. Typically pro studios have ( Full Answer )

Who was first country music award female winner?

It would depend on the year. Music Publications named and awarded the Queen of Country Music, Kitty Wells, "Best Country Female Singer of the Year," from 1952-1965. A grand total of 14 awards. Loretta Lynn was the first to carry home, "Female Vocalist of the Year," from the Country Music Associati ( Full Answer )

Who was the very first African-American actress to win an Emmy Award?

Gail Fisher won an Emmy Award in 1970 for her portrayal of Peggy Fair, secretary to the detective played by Mike Connors on the CBS television series ''Mannix." She won the award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series. .

Was jazz is the first popular music to be recorded?

That would get into some hair splitting. The earliest recordings of music tended to be famous classical pieces, but those obviously aren't "pop" music of that era. However, classic American songs (folk-type) were very popular, and many early recordings were of those ("Swanee River", "No Place Like H ( Full Answer )

When was the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director first awarded?

The Filmfare Award for Best Director was first presented in 1954 . It was also the inaugural year for the Filmfare Awards show. Naushad won the first Filmfare Award for Best Music Director in 1954 for the song Tu Ganga Ki Mauj in the movie Baiju Bawra.

Do they have music recorders?

Yes they have music recorders. A recorder is a type of instruments that is kind of like a flute and a whistle combined. You can of course record music on the recorder that isn't the instrument.

When were the first Country Music Awards held?

The first ever broadcast of the Country Music Awards or the CMA's was in 1967. These awards were given out at the home of country music, The Grand Ole Opry, for many years.

What date did MTV air the very first music video?

MTV aired the very first music videos on August 1, 1981. A list of the first five songs played, in chronological order, would be: "Video Killed the Radio Star," "You Better Run," "She Won't Dance with Me," You Better You Bet," and "Little Suzi's on the Up." These songs were performed by The Buggles, ( Full Answer )

When did Eve first start recording music?

Eve first started recording music in a group who sang cover songs called the Dope Girl Posse, or DGP, in the 1990's. She appeared as Eve of Destruction on the Bulworth soundtrack in 1998 which was her first big break.

When did Jackyl first start recording music?

Jackyl is an American rock band founded in 1987. Their debut album with the name 'Jackyl' was released in 1992. It has been #76 of the Billboard 200 album charts.

In what year did the first MTV music awards show air?

The first MTV Video Music Awards aired in 1984. It was held at the Radio City Music Hall venue in New York City. Cyndi Lauper received the award at that VMA for her hit single "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

What actors and actresses appeared in The First 100 Years of Recorded Music - 1978?

The cast of The First 100 Years of Recorded Music - 1978 includes: Foghat as Themselves KISS as Themselves Glen Campbell as himself George Carlin as himself Johnny Cash as himself Sandy Duncan as herself Marilyn Horne as herself Gladys Knight as herself Gordon MacRae as himself Henry Mancini as hims ( Full Answer )