Who was bellonas greek form?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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As far as I know, she did not exist. (Though her name is Bellona, not Bellonas :) )

Bellona was the Roman Goddess of War, who was conisdered the twin of Mars, the Roman God of War. Though Mars exists as Ares in Greek Mythology, Bellona did not.

The Romans took their Gods from more than just Greece. (They usually just took a few, but in the case of Greece, they took them all and just renamed them.) A common guess is that she oringinated from a different culture, thought a specific one is unkown. A second common guess is that the Romans just made her up, but as far as I know, they just recived them from other cultures due to the fact that the civilization is one of the latest.

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Bellonaโ€™s counterpart is actually Enyo

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Q: Who was bellonas greek form?
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