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Francis Marion was considered the swamp fox during the Revolutionary War.


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The "Swamp Fox" was highly active during the American Revolutionary War.

General Francis Marion served during the Revolutionary War. He was nicknamed the Swamp Fox for his leadership of revolutionary soldiers fighting in swamps and low country terrain. He is generally viewed as the father of Guerrilla Warfare.

During the Revolutionary War, what did traitors do?

A guerrilla fighter; examples: Francis Marion known as the "Swamp Fox" during the American Revolutionary War in 1776 or William Quantrill during the US Civil War in 1862.

No he did not portray during the Revolutionary War.

Lord Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown is being considered the end of the Revolutionary War.

Same as with any of the guerrillas from past US wars (Swamp Fox-Revolutionary War/Quantrill-US Civil War) they knew the lay of the land.

During the Revolutionary war there were two sides the

The revolutionary war was considered a civil war with Britain, because most of the colonists were from Britain and still considered themselves Brits.

There were 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War. After the Revolutionary War, they became the original 13 United States of America.

she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war. she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war.

Benedict Arnold is the most infamous traitor in the American Revolution.

There were none, since Ohio didn't exist during the Revolutionary War.

...No. The Revolutionary War was in the 1700s. The TV was invented in the 1900s.

Women were on both sides in the Revolutionary War.

Someone who did not support either side of the Revolutionary war

Otherwise known as the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion was a guerrilla warfare tactician during the Revolutionary War that won many battles for the Americans.

Yes, the battle of Sullivan's island was during the Revolutionary war.

The french fought along side the Colonist against the British during the Revolutionary War.

i think there was really no disadvantage of guerrilla warfare during the revolutionary war.

no, there was no president existing during the revolutionary war. we had not become the U.S.A yet.

The native americans mainly sided with the British during the revolutionary war.

There were no states during the Revolutionary War, there were only colonies.

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