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Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America.

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Q: Who was elected president of the new southern nation?
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Who became president of the new nation formed by seceding southern states?

Jefferson Davis

Who became the president of the southern states new nation when they broke away from the union?

Jefferson Davis.

Why do they call Washington the first president?

Washington was the first president elected under the new Constitution whose ratification created the new nation of the United States of America in1787.

What nation in the Southern Hemisphere got a 75 year old president and a new flag 1994?

South Africa

Is this year when you vote for a new president?

No. The next presidential election will be on November 4th, 2008

Is it noynoy Aquino the new elected president in Philippines?

Yes.He is the new president of the Philippines.

What is the name of the new nation formed by the seceding Southern states?

The new nation formed by the southern seceding states was called the Confederate States of America.

What state was Millard Filmore elected from?

Millard Fillmore was elected Vice President as a resident of New York. Although he ran for president he never won a presidential election (he became President when Zachary Taylor died).Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of the United States, was elected from New York.

The first document that governed the newly formed colonies?

The Articles of Confederacy loosely bound the 13 states in more of a coalition that as a nation such as we know today. State governments were almost entirely responsible for each of the 13 "member states." (In the Civil War, the Confederacy adopted a similar form of government.)Under the Articles, a new presiding officer was elected annually from the national congress of state representatives. He officially was "President) of the new country!Only after the new U.S. Constitution was ratified and replaced the Articles of Confederacy in 1789 was a president to be elected for a term of four years.So technically, George Washington was NOT the nation's first president! Only the first elected under the Constitution, which drastically re-formed the government and the new nation.

Who Was The Last President Elected From New York?

Franklin Roosevelt was the last New York resident to be president.

Can president elected every5 years?

a new president is elected ever 4 years. a president can only serve up to 8 years, which is two terms.

What school teacher in Tanzania became president of the new nation?

Julius Kambarage Nyerere became president of the new nation, Tanzania in 1962