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Ada Lovelace is considered as the first computer programmer. She was a close friend of Charles Babbage and was tasked to write a program for his Analytical Engine.

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Who was the first female programmer?

Ada Lovelace was the first programmer - male or female.

Who is first programmer?

actually first program written by female she is Ada LoveLace

What is the keyword used to find the first female computer programmer?

The keywords that worked well for me are "first female computer programmer".Here's a link to the Wikipedia page that comes up as the first Google result:

Who was the first programmer?

The first computer programmer is Lady Augusta Lovelace.

Who is the first male computer programmer?

Charles Baggage was the first programmer. ... The spelling is Babbage not Baggage.

Fisrst woman programmer?

The first woman programmer, and generally the first programmer, was Ada Byron Lovelace. Nicknamed the 'enchantress of numbers', Lovelace wrote the first computer program in 1842.

Who was the first female computer programer?

Ada Lovelace is widely considered to be the first computer programmer ever, male or female. Although she lived in the 1800s, before the modern computer was invented, she is the first person to design an algorithm intended to be interpreted by a machine.

What is the name of the female who is credited for being the first computer programmer?

Countess Ada Augusta of Lovelace. But the program was written for a computer that never existed.

Who is the south Africa's first black computer programmer?

Edward Perkins was South Africa's first black computar programmer.

The first computer programmer?


Who was the first credited for being the first programmer?

George Bush

Who was the first programmer of the world?

Ada lovelace

Who was creditd with being the first Computer programmer?


What were Ada Lovelace's vices?

Ada Lovelace, who is recognized as the first female computer programmer in the world, had four major vices. There are listed as men, drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

Daughter of Lord Byron mentored by Babbage called by the first programmer?

Daughter of Lord bryon mentored by Babbage called by some the first programmer?

Who is the first programmer ever?

abdullah Al Hosani

What woman was called the first programmer?

Ada Lovelace

Who is credited with being the first computer programmer?

Anna Watts

What was Ada Byron Lovelace famous for?

She was the first computer programmer.

First lady programmer?

Lady Ada Augusta Lovelace

What is Lady Ada Augusta lovelace to do with maths?

She was the first "programmer".

Who is the first programmer of transistor?

nobody, transistors aren't programmed.

Who has been called first computer programmer?

Ada Lovelace.

When was the first computer programmer made?

1945, Charles Babbage inventor of first computer.

Who is the first coumpter programmer?

there is not a real first one cause there are many types of programing