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Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the last and final prophet.

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Just one. The Shahadah or Declaration of faith says. "There is no God but God and Muhammad is His prophet."

Islam religion is based on Quran, the holy book of Muslims and Gods revelation to prophet Muhammad, besides the teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

we don't offer food to our gods. it is not practical. ( ITS NOT gods; its God for Muslims as we r monotheists)

God had many prophets including, Jonah, Jesus, Joseph, David, Suleyman, Muhammad. But, the last prophet of god was Muhammad( peace be upon him.)

The last prophet is the person recognised by a given religion as the final revelation of God (or the gods). There is usually something qualitatively different about this final prophet, beyond the fact that he was chronologically last.For example, the most recent prophet acknowledged by the Jews was Malachi; there has not been another prophet since. But he is not really a Last Prophet in this final sense, because the Jews believe there is still a future prophet, the Messiah, to come.In Christianity the final prophet is Jesus. There cannot be another after him or greater than him because he is the sin-bearer who brings ultimate reconciliation with God. In Christianity, no greater work than this is possible. All previous prophets look forward to the death of Jesus, and all theology since has looked backwards to it.In Islam the final prophet is Mohammed. He brought the Qur'an, which Muslims believe to be a perfect and uncorrupted book. There is no need for additional prophets since they would only be repeating what the Qur'an already says.In Sikhism the final "prophet" is Guru Gobind Singh. He edited the definitive version of the Sikh holy book, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which takes the place of the prophets. Again, subsequent gurus would only be repeating what the Granth Sahib says, so they are not really needed.

Because it is the first sign that he is a prophet and that he is gods messenger

us Muslims believe it was brought down from heaven as a gift to mankind. it was our prophet ibrahim who decided to put it in the kabah, perhaps under gods command. it was prophet muhammads habit to kiss the stone so we do the same today when we go for hajj.

"Gods"? As far as I know, most Iranians are muslims, and therefore monotheistic.

St. John the Apostle is one.

When he heard Gods voice by obeying His commandments and then followed through with the tasks God gave to him.

Muslims worship only one god, named Allah.

The sultans of the Ottoman Empire were Sunni Muslims, so their god was God, as Muslims understand Him.

Because It is their holy book and it is their gods saying.

Sufis are Muslims, hence, their God is Allah.

because the saying and action of Prophet Muhammad narrated trough it. and whatever he said or did is according to the Gods order and revelation. but the document should be authenticated and true one.

gods & generals gods & generals

Muslims believe in only and only one God called Allah in Arabic .

Sorry for the inconvenience

Allah is not against other Gods. The Muslims, who beleieve in Allah, think of themselves as purified Christians. Muslim religion is based off Christianity. Muhammad, a prophet, had a vision that had a message from God. His message was that all are equal. That's the basics of what I know! I don't know alot 'cause I'm Christian.

There is only one God in Islam. According to Islamic history, the prophet Muhammad was able to invoke God by and enter paradise by committing the 99 names to memory.

Because they believed in more than one gods!

Prophet Muhammad (S), before receiving revelation, used to meditate to God in the Cave of Hira, and didn't worship the idols that the Pagans were worshiping as gods.

It is not true that Prophet Mohammed founded any religion. He restored the religion of Prophet Abraham(Prophet Ibrahim). The Arabs at that time had forgotten the belief of Prophet Abraham and believed many gods. After Prophet Mohammed preached their ancient faith the Arabs accepted the faith of their forefathers and rose up with vigour. Prophet Mohammed was the last prophet.

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