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Who was histories greatest Conqueror?

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July 25, 2009 10:26PM

Genghis Khan. However this is up for debate as some may consider Julius Caesar a greater conqueror, or Napoleon, or Alexander. However those other Conquerors had already a powerful army at their disposal, and were technologically equal or better than the nations/peoples they conquered. Furthermore they had their nation more or less unified, except for Caesar, who had to fight in 1 or 2 civil wars(please correct this stat).

Genghis on the other hand had to first unite together the Mongolian warring tribes. After uniting them together, he had to face nations who were technologically ahead of him. They even had to fight against strongly fortified cities, which the Mongolians had never seen before in their lives, let alone have the knowledge to break into them. Lastly he conquered more land on his own, and during his own time, then did any of the other conquerors.

The greatest conqueror will always be up for debate, as one can never weigh the different conquerors accomplishments against each other, as each had to face different difficulties during their own time. Lastly, this is not about the greatest conquering nation, it is about who(ONE person) is the greatest conqueror. So if you wish to debate my choice, make sure you have A conqueror to represent and not a nation. ---- The Mongols were the finest horsemen in the known world, if that's not a powerful army I'm not sure what is? ---- The Mongols beat ninety city's in one year many of them walled and on the feild they had superior tactics and skill.