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Q: Who was in charge of the puritans 1630?
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How many Puritans came to America in 1630?

More than 1,000 Puritans came to Massachusetts, America in 1630.

Who came to America in 1630?

The puritans

What ship did the Puritans sail on in 1629-1630?


What happened in 1630?

English Puritans found Massachusetts.

When did the Puritans find colonial Boston?

They found it in 1630

People of 1630-40 great migration?


How many puritans came over to America in 1630?


When did the puritans bring a thousand immigrants and a charter to america?


Who were the English religious exiles who settled in new England and established Massachusetts bay colony in 1630?


Who led the puritans from England to Massachusetts bay in 1630?

John Winthrop

What year what the puritans?

In the year of 1630, the Puritans arrived in America. Their main purpose for going to America, was to reform the Church of England.

Who started the massachuetts bay colony?

Puritans in 1630, including John Winthrop.