Who was in charged of the rough riders?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who was in charged of the rough riders?
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Who charged up kettle hill?

Rough Riders led by Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt

When did Ottawa Rough Riders end?

Ottawa Rough Riders ended in 1996.

When was Ottawa Rough Riders created?

Ottawa Rough Riders was created in 1876.

When was Cosmic Rough Riders created?

Cosmic Rough Riders was created in 1998.

Did the Ottawa Rough Riders win the Grey Cup last year?

its not the Ottawa Rough Riders its the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and they won the cup in 2007-2008

When was Rough Riders - roller coaster - created?

Rough Riders - roller coaster - was created in 1907.

When was The Rough Riders - film - created?

The Rough Riders - film - was created on 1927-10-01.

When was Long Island Rough Riders created?

Long Island Rough Riders was created in 1994.

What was the group of soldiers called that Thedore Roosevelt gathered to fight in Cuba?

1st US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, AKA the "Rough Riders"

What was the names of Teddy Roosevelt's Troops that fought in the Spanish-American war?

They were the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry nicknamed the Rough Riders.

How old was Theodore Roosevelt when he lead the rough riders?

He was 39 when the Rough Riders were formed in the summer of 1898.

What is the duration of Rough Riders' Round-up?

The duration of Rough Riders' Round-up is 3480.0 seconds.