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He is not married right now. More information can be found on the fan club

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Is johnny gill married?

No, He is devorced

Is johnny gill married and have children?

No he is not married and he has no children. Not true he has a beautiful little boy Isaiah Gill.

Who was johnny gill from new edition married to?

He's never been married according to

What did Johnny Gill die from?

Johnny Gill is still alive.

What nicknames does Johnny Gill go by?

Johnny Gill goes by JB, and Skillz.

Is johnny gill related to johnny ray gill of harry's law?

No. I went to school with Johnny Ray. No relation.

When did Johnny Gill - baseball - die?

Johnny Gill - baseball - died in 1984.

When was Johnny Gill - baseball - born?

Johnny Gill - baseball - was born in 1905.

How old is Johnny Gill?

Johnny Gill is 51 years old (birthdate May 22, 1966).

When was Johnny Gill born?

Johnny Gill was born on May 22, 1966, in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

Does johnny gill have children?

Yes. He has a son name Isaiah Gill.

When and where was baseball player Johnny Gill born?

Johnny Gill was born March 27, 1905, in Nashville, TN, USA.

When and where did baseball player Johnny Gill die?

Johnny Gill died December 26, 1984, in Nashville, TN, USA.

Does Johnny Gill live in California?


Did Johnny Gill win a GRAMMY?

Despite having been nominated for a Grammy Award, Johnny Gill to date has never won.

When was Love Songs - Johnny Gill album - created?

Love Songs - Johnny Gill album - was created in 1990.

Who sang half crazy?

Johnny Gill

Who's Johnny Gill's girlfriend?

Did Mr. Gill have a girlfriend? Why and how did this rumor of Johnny Gill ever get started? even though it was denied was ever proven he was not?

Do Johnny Gill have his own church?

No, according to Wikipedia.

Who was johnny gill date at the 2009 bet awards?


What is johnny gill net worth?

1.3 million

Are Yvette Fielding and Gill Fielding related?

Not to my knowledge and I'm married to Gill!

Who is vince gill married to?

Amy Grant, married to her in 2000

Who sang where do we go from here with Stacy lattisaw?

Johnny Gill

What are the release dates for Unsung - 2008 Johnny Gill 6-4?

Unsung - 2008 Johnny Gill 6-4 was released on: USA: 20 March 2013