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Moses is in The Bible and was a MAN

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What was grandma moses known for?

what is Grandma Moses known for today

What was Moses knows as?

Moses was known as the great prophet.

How important is Moses to the Jews?

Moses was Judaism's greatest prophet.

Who was Grandma Moses?

Anna Mary Moses - better known as Grandma Moses -- (September 7, 1860

Did David know Moses?

David could not have seen or known Moses . as Moses lived much, much earlier.

Who was known as the Moses of the Underground Railroad?

Although she was a woman, and Moses was a man, Harriet Tubman was the "Moses of the Underground Railroad".

Why is Moses known as Moses the lawgiver?

God had given him the Ten Commandments or laws .

Why is Moses the most important Hebrew?

Actually, there is another Hebrew even more important that Moses, His name is Jesus.

Whose son is Musah in mythology?

Musah is a derivative of the name Moses. According to the Book of Exodus, Moses was a son of Amram, a member of the Levite tribe of Israel, having descended from Jacob, and his wife Jochebed. In Islam, Moses is known as Musah and is an important prophet.

Who was known as black Moses?

Harriet Tubman was known as the "Black Moses" because of the efforts she had applied to her task of leading her family to freedom.

Why was Moses an important Hebrew leader?

moses is an important hebrew leader bacause god sent him to free the slaves (his people)

Is Moses also known as Jesus?

No. Jesus is the New Testament Moses is the Old Testament

Who was known as Moses?

Harriet Tubman was known as "Moses" for leading the African American slaves away from the slavery in the South. As Moses led his people away from the past Egyptian's cruel torture and labors.

How important is Moses?

he was really inportent

Who is the major prophet in Judaism?

Moses was the most important of the prophets in Judaism (Numbers ch.12). See also:A biography of Moses

What important events did Moses have in his life?

important events in Moses' life is the The burning bush, The red sea, Ten commandments and Yeah.

Is obeying God as important today as it was in the days of Moses Joshua and the Israelites?

It is important to obey God now as in the days of Moses and Joshua.

Moses Austin is known for?

Moses Austin had the first grant to settle 300 families in Texas!(:

Was Moses important?

The importance of an individual, or anything is subjective. Was moses important in biblical history of christianity? yes. but was moses important to the development of the LHC haldron collider (or many other things..)? no. The answer to your question is subjective to the context in which your question is being asked.

What is Grandma Moses' style?

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (more commonly known as Grandma Moses) was an American Folk Artist.

Where did Moses die?

Moses died on Mt. Tabor overlooking the Promised Land.It is not known exactly where his grave is.

How do people remember moses today?

Jews remember Moses as the greatest prophet. Christians and Muslims acknowledge Moses as a very important prophet.

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