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the guards..

The guards and the Commandant.


presumably you mean out of the inmates;

the problem was that any inmate could be killed at any time for no apparent reason.

but if one were to suggest a group that was least likely to be executed (as opposed to die - that would be a different answer), it would be the doctors or the workers in 'Kanada' or the orchestra or other entertainment groups.

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How old did children have to be to stay in the concentration camps?

Children had to be at least 14 to be in the concentration camps.

In the concentration camps the people least likely to be excuted where?

worked hard, not badly hurt, those not sick

Which country had Jews who traveled the least distance to concentration camps?

Concentration camps were all over, nearly every country had at least one. Therefore, they all traveled the least distance.

How many concentration camps were there during the Holocaust in Germany?

Too many to count. They were all over Europe, and may have been at least 1,000 Concentration Camps.

What did Jewish men do in concentration camps?

Concentration camps covered at least two types of activities: one for slave labor; one for death

What were the three deadliest concentration camps?

The three camps with the highest death tolls are: * Auschwitz (at least 1.1 million killed) * Treblinka (at least 850,000) * Belzec (at least 435,000)

How many people were sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp?

There has been at least 4 Million People sent to Auschwitz and its Sub-Camps during the Holocaust, Some of these were placed in the Sub-Camps for a certain time period before being sent to other Concentration Camps. __________________________ The number is more likely to be a bit below two million.

How big is a concentration camp?

They vary in size. Some major Nazi concentration camps had at least 15,000 inmates while some small, temporary camps had only a few hundred.

How many people were killed in concentration camps during ww2?

In the Concentration Camps alone, at least 12.8 out of 13.5 Million People were murdered in the actual Concentration Camps.This figure doesn't includePeople killed in Ghettos.People died on the way to the Camps or/and Ghettos.Mass shootings which took place outside of the area perimeter of ANY kind of Nazi Concentration Camp and/or Ghetto.Unknown death toll of Escapees from the Ghettos and/or the Concentration Camps.

What were the names of at least three concentration camps during the holocaust?

Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Plaszow.

How many concentration camps were there in Britain?

Britain was not occupied by the Nazis. However, in the Channel Islands, which were occupied, there was at least one Nazi concentration camp.

Name at least 5 of the most well known concentration camps?

Please see the related question.

How many Holocaust remembrance museums are there in the world?

I know of at least one, not counting the concentration camps that were turned into museums...

What typically happened to Jews who were sent to the concentration camps?

Torture at the very least. Death became a relief to some.

When did Kaufering concentration camp close?

There were eleven (!) concentration camps in Kaufering, near Landsberg, Bavaria, of which at least one was a women's camp. They were all sub-camps of Dachau and were closed on 25-27 April 1945. On the official German list of camps, issued in 1967, they are numbered 709-720.

How did the citizens not know about the concentration camp?

Most Germans did know, at least that the camps existed. Some kidded themselves that they were just forced labor camps. Some knew they were death camps, but as it was "just Jews", they didn't care.

How did the Nazis deal with political opponents?

Opponents were at the least harrassed, and many were held without trial, often in concentration camps, where many were murdered.

Who started the concentration camps?

Um......... Hitler?AnswerIt wasn't Hitler- alot of the ideas he used were from previous time periods. Concentration camps came from back maybe... at least 500-1000 years before Hitler's time. sometimes nazi did some work to help out with Hitler it was not only him

What was the most infamous concentration camp?

The most infamous of all, at least internationally, was the Auschwitz group, which was both a very harsh concentration camp, with several sub-camps and an extermination camp (Auschwitz-Birkenau).

What were the different types of Concentration camps?

There were extermination camps like Auschwitz II, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, etcThere were your 'collection camps' or transit camps, like Westerbork.There were 'ordinary' concetration camps: these were graded according to severity, with Grade I as the least unpleasant and Grade III the toughest. For example, Dachau was a Grade I camp, Buchenwald was Grade II, while the Mauthausen group and Auschwitz III were Grade III camps. (The extermination camps were completely off this scale).In addition, there were some specialized camps.

Which concentration camps had the fewest survivors of the Holocaust?

If one takes the term concentration camp in a general sense (and includes extermination camps) these had only two known survivors each:Belzec (total killed 434,508)Chelmno (total killed at least 152,000)Maly Trostinets (near Minsk) had no known survivors at all, not even one.

Why did the Jews gather on the Appelplatz?

In concentration camps roll-call on the Appelplatz took place at least twice a day and was often deliberately prolonged in order to add to the prisoners' miseries.

What were death or extermination camps?

Death and Extermination Camps were Self Purposed Camps which were mainly intended to kill a lot of people, Camps like Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec were Camps which had a sole purpose of kill as much people as possible but also the most efficient. These camps had a average death rate f at least 15,000 People a month. Auschwitz was the exception; it operated as both a death camp and a concentration camp. Also with its sub-camps was the largest supplier of labour in the camp system.

What Does Concentration Camp Grade 1 mean?

The Nazi concentration camps were graded I, II and III, with grade I being (in principle, anyway) the least harsh and grade III the harshest. Dachau was Grade I Buchenwald was Grade II Auschwitz I and III were Grade III The extermination camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz II) and Sobibor were not included in the grading system.

What was the biggest concentration camp in the Holocaust?

The largest Nazi concentration camp was Auschwitz, which was also an extermination camp. The Auschwitz group of camps consisted of three camps on the main site and a further 45 smaller sub-camps. More then one million Jews were killed there. The main camp is about 37 miles west of Krakow in Poland.The minimum serious estimate of the number of victims who perished there is 1.1 million, of whom at least 85% were Jews.Auschwitz. So large that it was divided into 3 sub-camps.