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One of JFK's best friends was his brother, Robert Kennedy. The two brothers were known to have a close relationship and to care very much for each other.

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Q: Who was one of John F. Kennedy's best friends?
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Was Lincoln one of John F. Kennedys best friend?

If you are speaking of the presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, then no, they were not friends because they were not alive during the same time period. Lincoln died long before JFK was born. If you are speaking of another Lincoln, then I do not know.

What was John f kennedys vice presidents?

He only had one: Lyndon B. Johnson.

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JFK was the first and the last

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One of John's best friends was Kirk LeMoyne Billings called Lem. He was also close to his brother, Robert and his his sister and her husband, Sargeant Shriver.

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The list of viable suspects consisted of one man -- Lee Harvey Oswald.

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