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Who was ponyboys brother?

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Ponyboy has 2 brothers Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

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What is ponyboys goal in The Outsiders?

To get through to his brother Darry.

Darry from The Outsiders?

Yes Darry was Sodapop and Ponyboys older brother. He was very strict but had a reason for it.

What are ponyboys character traits?

i think ponyboys character traits are responsibility, kindness, respect

Why was Darry concerned about ponyboys involvement in the fight?

Because Ponyboy was just in a burning church. Darry was being a good older brother and wanted to protect him.

Who is ponyboys brothers?

Ponyboy's two brothers are Darrel Shaynne Curtis, Jr. (called Darry) and Sodapop Patrick Curtis. Darry is the oldest and Sodapop is the middle brother.

What was the subject of ponyboy's theme for English class?

ponyboys subject for his English class is about the greasers and the socs and the book is pretty much ponyboys essay

Where is ponyboys perfect place?

The Countryside. In the country.

Who are ponyboys friends.?

The greasers are Ponyboy's friends

When did ponyboys nightmares start?

Right after he lost his parents.

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