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The liberty bell was created before any Presidents were inaugurated.

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You can make the liberty bell made.

The Liberty Bell was made in 1752.

The bell now called the Liberty Bell was made because Philadelphia needed a larger bell that could be heard at a greater distance than the bell they were using.

The Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia on September 1, 1752.

The Liberty Bell is not a gift from the British. It was made in England, and also from England.

yes. paul revere invented a 900 pound bell which later became the liberty bell. NO! The original Liberty Bell was made in London by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1752.

No, Dennis R. Williams did not make the Liberty Bell. John Pass and John Stow had made the Liberty Bell, as in graved on the bell itself for the show of their efforts.

the humanliberty bell was made because authur mole and john thomas made it

Yes, and when the Liberty Bell cracked, it was sent back and recast, several times I believe.

The bell was first called the Liberty Bell in 1835 in a journal published by the New York Anti-Slavery Society. The bell was made in 1753, so it was 82 years old when it was first called the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell is located at Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A bell A bell can be cracked (like the liberty bell) A bell can be made (in a bell foundry) A bell can be told (rung) A bell can be played (as part of an orchestra) A joke!

The clapper on the Liberty Bell weighs 44lbs. and is 17 inches long made out of cast iron

The connection between John Pass, John Stow, and the Liberty Bell is that John Pass and John Stow made the Liberty Bell.

to show the freedom of Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell can be found at the Liberty Bell Center which is on Market Street. The Liberty Bell is known as a national historical park/monument.

It is made of 75% copper and 25% tin

It is made of 75% copper and 25% tin.

No, a bell made of gold would not ring properly - and it would quickly be stolen.

The Liberty Bell is priceless. I own a bell older than the liberty bell. . . not kidding

the liberty bell is a sign 4 liberty

the liberty bell arrived in philadlphia in march of 1753. it was made at the whitechapel foundry located in london, england.

how tall is liberty bell

What color is the liberty bell?

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