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Democracy goes back to ancient Greece and was defined by Aristotle as the "rule of many." A government, by this definition, is democratic if all, or most, of the citizens take part in the government or make policy for the government. This is also known as participatory democracy. Some of the citizens are elected officials, some are appointed, and some do the voting. In Greece in the 4th Century BC, such a government developed. True democracy was possible then because of the Greek city-state, or polis, being small in size and small in population. MrV The start of democracy is generally attributed to Cleisthenes, an Athenian noble. He came up with this, not for a moral concious, but to beat his Spartan backed political opponent by appealing to the masses. SECOND OPINION: Many people call the USA a "democracy," but it is NOT. The United States id a REPUBLIC. (I pledge Allegiance to the REPUBLIC for which it stands.) WE do, however, apply the "Democratic Voting process" to our Law-making.

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In the US who was responsible for the birth of democracy?

That would be we the people.

Was Athens Greece the birth place of democracy?

Yes, Athens was the birth place of democracy.

Which ancient civilization is the birth place of democracy?

king is the birth place of ancient democracy

What were spanish royals responsible for guiding in?

Spain's royals were responsible for guiding in democracy.

What were the spanish royals responsible for guiding?

Spain’s royals were responsible for guiding in democracy.

In a democracy to whom is the government responsible?

the people

In democracy those who rule are responsible to?

The people.

Where is the birth place of democracy?

Where isn't it

Were is the birth place of democracy?


Those who rule in a democracy are responsible to?

Those Citizens.

Those who rule are responsible by whom in a democracy?


Was the greek culture birth of democracy?


Which Athenian leaders were responsible for the development of democracy?

Solon and Cleisthenes

In a democracy whom is the government responsible for?

The Three Branches of Government

Democracy was first practiced in which part of the world?

We normally associate Athens, Greece with the birth of democracy.

The Greek culture was the birth of democracy?

The Greek culture gave birth to democracy since ancient greeks invented the term and used it in Athens for the first time.

Who was responsible for the first true democracy in the early colonies?

George Washington

What city state was responsible for the creation of Democracy in Ancient Greece?


How did the Greek influence your society?

The Greeks influence because they invented and found out democracy. Greek is known as the birth place of democracy. Nowadays we use democracy.

What role do the people have in a dictatorship AND a democracy?

In Dictatorshipthose who rule can not be held responsible to the will of the people. In Democracysupreme authority rests with the people.

What was hera responsible for?

She is the Queen of the Gods, Marriage and Birth. <---- What she is responsible for Your Welcome ( :

What does democracy do to the world?

Democracy does not do anything "to the world". The world itself is not benefited nor harmed by democracy.As for people, democracy benefits people by providing functional safeguards against human rights violations and politicians who are responsible to their constituencies.

To what extent was Andrew Jackson responsible for changes in the period often called Jacksonian Democracy?

Andrew Jackson is entirely responsible for the changes that took place during the period known as Jacksonian Democracy. It is he whom the period is named after.

Did the reign of terror contribute to the rise of democracy?

The reign of terror contributed to the rise of democracy. This led the people to unite and protect their freedom, thus giving birth to democracy.

What can help mature Indian democracy?

The three measures which can help Indian democracy mature can be: One language by birth, Free health care from birth and Abolish caste basis of birth. P.S.- ...or else hand over to the British once again!

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