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Q: Who was sailing at the time Leif Eriksson did?
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Was Leif Eriksson educated?

At the very least he was educated in navigation, sailing, leadership, and fighting.

What was Leif Eriksson's motivation?

what was leif eriksson motivation

What is Leif Eriksson's full name?

Leif Eriksson. His nick name was "Leif the Lucky".

Did leif eriksson discover America?

Leif Eriksson discovered America in the year of 1000. He was sailing from west Norway to Greenland when strong winds blew his ship off course and carried his ship all the way to the North American coast.

Mother of leif eriksson?

Leif Eriksson's mothers name was Thjodhild.

Did leif eriksson have a wife?

Leif Eriksson had a wife named Thorgunna.

When was Leif Eriksson born?

Leif Eriksson was born around 960 AD.

Who was the Newfoundland's first settlements?

The first settlement in Newfoundland by Europeans was established early in the 11th century by Leif Eriksson, sailing out of Iceland.

Who were Leif Eriksson's brothers?

Thorvald Eriksson and Thornstein Eriksson

What oceans did leif eriksson cross?

Leif Eriksson sailed across the North Atlantic.

How many voyages did leif eriksson take?

leif eriksson took 5 voyages

What religion did leif eriksson follow?

Leif Eriksson developed into a christian in 997AD (approximately)

When did leif eriksson arrive?

some time in 1000- 1002

What did Leif Eriksson explore?

Leif eriksson explored north america, baffin island and labrador.

How and when did leif eriksson die?

Leif Eriksson was killed in battle

What did leif eriksson accomplish?

Leif Eriksson discovered Vinland (which is now New Foundland today)

What did leif eriksson find?

Leif Eriksson found vinland, which is a small settlement in North America

Was Leif Eriksson Catholic?

Probably. Most Christians at that time were Catholic.

Why was Leif Eriksson called Leif Eriksson the Lucky?

No! He was called Leif the lucky. He was called this because he explored a lot of places including the north coast.

Around what year in time did leif eriksson sail?

In the year 1002 or 1003.

Did leif eriksson have children?

Yes, Leif Eriksson had 1 child with his wife Thorgunna. His son's name was Thorkell Leifsson.

What did Leif Eriksson do to make Viking history?

Well it is said that Colombus wasn't the first European to set foot in America but Leif eriksson was , he wrote a book about it and he states that the Viking were really the first ones to set foot in America, therefore making him "Leif eriksson" famous . Leif erickson day is october 9th. leif Eriksson was also Christian and brought Christianity to the viking era.

Was leif eriksson a cannibal?


Who was Leif Eriksson?

A princess

What was Leif Eriksson's goal?

Leif Eriksson's main goal was to expand the colony. He also wanted to be a successful Viking in the early 1000's.