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= Who was second oldest couple in history time? =

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Who was the second oldest president?

Dwight Eisenhower left office at age 70 and is the second oldest after Reagan who left office at 77. If you are talking about the second oldest president at the time of inauguration, that would be William Henry Harrison, 68, who was the second oldest after Reagan, 69.

Who is the second oldest of Big Time Rush?


Was Cleopatra the oldest?

No, Cleopatra had two older sisters. She was the oldest surviving child at the time she enters history.

Who was the oldest Pope in history?

The oldest Pope at the time of election was Clement X, 79 years and 290 days. The oldest Pope at the time of their death was Leo XIII, aged 93 years and 180 days.

In what time of history did the holocaust happen the second time?

Never or aswell Not yet, their was only 1 holocaust but a second one can happen

Who is the second oldest in Big Time Rush?

Logan Mitchell in the tv show and Logan Henderson in real life.

Who is the third oldest in the Big Time Rush?

First Is LoqanSecond CarlosThird Kendallfourth James

Is Emmett the second oldest because Jasper is the first oldest?

If you are referring to their length of time as vampires, Jasper is the eldest brother, then Edward. Emmett is the youngest of the Cullens (exc. Bella Swan)

How old is big time rush 2013?

Carlos is 23 and the oldest(August 15) , Logan is also 23 the second oldest(Sep.14), James is second youngest and 22(July 16), Kendall is the youngest and is 22(Nov.2)

Who is the second all time leading scorer in NBA history?

Karl Malone

What is the oldest computer?

Oldest still in use?Oldest still working, but not used?Oldest complete, but not working?Oldest portion of a computer that at one time was used?Oldest computer that we have documents for but no parts?Oldest computer historically recorded, but lacking parts and documents?Oldest computer not recorded in history, but for which incomplete parts or documents have been discovered?etc.?What are you looking for? "Oldest" needs clarification.Also what kind: digital, analog, hybrid; electronic, electromechanical, mechanical?

Who holds the record as the oldest player in NFL history?

George Blanda, 48 Years and 109 Days old at the time of his retirement.

Who was the oldest president to marry?

Benjamin Harrison was 62 when he married his second wife. Cleveland was 49 when he married for the first (and only) time.

Four letter word with second letter I?

Here are a couple: diet, dime, lime, time, fine, and limb.

Are kid flash and Artemis going to be a couple in young justice season 2?

Only time will tell. (And the second season).

Who is the oldest in the Big Time Rush show?

Carlos is the oldest of them all.

Could their be a second Holocaust?

Yes and it will because History has always repeated itself twice, so its time when someone will start a second major holocaust

What is the book of history in the bible?

The books of history in the Bible are Joshua, Judges, Ruth, First and Second Samuel, First and Second Kings, First and Second Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Ester. In the New Testament, the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are considered history because they tell of Jesus' time on earth.

Who are the oldest active NFL players who are not kickers?

The oldest is Brett Farve At this time

Who is the oldest and the youngest on Big Time Rush?

the oldest is Kendalle and the youngest is carlos

Who is the oldest full time NASCAR driver?

In the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Joe Nemechek is the oldest full-time driver. Mike Wallace is the oldest full-time driver in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Who is the oldest person in Assyria?

the oldest person already had to die but they could have lived for a long time or they can still be alive because I remember that there was 111 year old women in Assyria that became the u.s. citizen so there could be a possible reason that she can be the second oldest person in Assyria so there is a possible reason that the oldest person can be is150-368 because she can still be living.

What are the oldest religions in the world in order of the oldest to present time?

Hinduism,Buddism & Jainism

Who is the second half of the All Time passer and receiving tandem in NFL History with Peyton Manning?

Marvin Harrison

Why did ponyboy have a had time with his oldest brother?

He had a hard time (at first) because he thought hi oldest brother, Darry, didn't care about him.