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Q: Who was the 30th presindent of US?
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Who will be the next presindent of the US?

barack obama

Who was the first black presindent of the US?

The first African American president of the USA is Barack Obama.

Who was the the 30th president of the US?

The 30th President of the United States was Calvin Coolidge.

Could a presindent after 8 year be a vice-presindent?

Yes, he can be in any office except president again

How did he become a presindent?

he was elected

Who is the present presindent of us?

George Bush is the current President, and his term of office will end on Tuesday when Barack Obama is sworn in.

Who is the presindent of France?

President Sarkozy

Who is the real presindent of 2009?


Who was the last presindent?

gorge Washington

Who is now the presindent of russia?


Is November 30th a holiday?

It is not a holiday in the US.

Who was the shortest presindent?

Abraham Lincoln 4'4