Who was the 6th century bce ruler that extended his empire from the indus river to the aegean sea and from armenia to the first cataract of the nile?

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Alexander lafrance
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What was the ruler of the British Empire called in 19th century?

the british empire in the nineteenth century was ruled by a constitutional monarchy.The british parliament headed by a prime minister co-ruled with the king and queen.For much of the nineteenth century the monarches of Britain were the prince consort Albert and the empress/Queen Victoria. The brit ( Full Answer )

How long is the Caribbean sea and nile river?

The mighty Nile is the world's longest and most famous river. The Nile's longest branch stretches 4,160 miles (6,695 kilometers) and crosses half a continent. . The Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are part of the Atlantic Ocean. . Atlantic Ocean square miles square kilometers. 31,810,00 ( Full Answer )

Who was the first ruler of the Roman empire?

augustus Answer Octavianus... later called Caesar Augustus is considered as the first roman emperor. Please note that the most famous roman leader, Julius Caesar had chosen Augustus as his own son. Julius Caesar himself doesn't really count as emperor... he had been blaimed for concentrating the ( Full Answer )

What is a river cataract?

Wilbur Smith uses the word in his book "River God. " It means alarge waterfall.

Which sea is at the mouth of the Nile River?

The Mediterranean Sea is at the mouth of the Nile River. TheMediterranean Sea connects to the Alantic Cean, and is almostcompletely enclosed by the coastlines of three continents - Asia,Africa and Europe.

What city is on the first cataract of the nile in Egypt?

Aswan,It stands on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract and is a busy ... Aswan is the ancient city of Swenet, which in antiquity was the frontier town ... the Nile in the south, Swenet was the first town in the country, and Egypt

Cataracts in rivers?

Cateracts that are located in rivers-a water fall or spot where water flows very fast over rocks

Who was the first pharaoh to use the Nile River?

The Kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the ancient Egyptians. This word was used by the Greeks and Hebrews, and today is commonly used for the ancient Kings of Egypt.. It is not known how many kings ruled in Egypt, for at times in its ancient past the country was split up, and there were a ( Full Answer )

What is a cataract when referring to the nile?

A delta is a low, watery land formed at the mouth of a river. It is formed from the silt, sand and small rocks that flow downstream in the river and are deposited in the delta. A delta is often (but not always) shaped like a triangle (hence its name, delta, a Greek letter that is shaped like a trian ( Full Answer )

When did they first discover the Nile River?

It is not known when man first saw the Nile, but numerous explorers have attempted to find facts about it such as its source. The link below will give details..

How are the Nile and Indus river similar?

here are some ways they are similar both are in Africa both are safe to drink from both had a nearby village in B.C. that lived off of the river

What city does the river Nile meet the sea?

The closest would be Alexandria - However as the Nile splits in two and reaches the sea by the Rosetta branch [west] and Damietta branch [east] the link below is an interactive map which gives much more detail.

Was the Persian Empire driven out of the Indus River valley by Magadha?

There are several eras of Magadha - if you are asking about the Maurya Empire, it was established as far as the Indus valley by 322 BCE, by which time the Persian Empire had been taken over by Alexander the Great's Macedonian Empire which itself had already unravelled in the east by the time of his ( Full Answer )

What do the Indus River and the Nile River have in common?

There are numerous ways to compare rivers - by their differences, by their similarities and some of the criteria would be - length, discharge, size, sources, mouth, basin, tributaries, area through which they flow etc. The links below will give you ample details to cover this.

Who was the ruler of the first Indian empire?

Stone Age. Before 3300 BCE. - Mehrgarh Culture. 7000-3300 BCE. Indus Valley Civilization. 3300-1700 BCE. - Early Harappan Culture. 3300-2600 BCE. - Mature Harappan Culture. 2600-1900 BCE. - Late Harappan Culture. 1700-1300 BCE. Ochre Coloured Pottery culture. From 2000 BCE. Swat cultur ( Full Answer )

Who was the first ruler of an empire in Mesopotemia?

The first lider in Mesopotemia was Hammurabi, who made the town the best in those times. He was a really good lider actually!( Hey btw i am JUST IN 6° GRADE AND I CAN ANSWER THIS SO COME ON DON'T LOOK FOR IT ON INTERNET), MS.CRAZY4SPORTS♥

Does the nile river start at the red sea?

No, the Nile actually starts out as two different rivers that eventually merge into one. These are the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The white Nile starts at Lake Victoria located in Uganda. The Blue Nile starts at Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The two rivers merge at Khartoum, Sudan then flow through the ( Full Answer )

How is the Nile River different today then centuries ago?

Back then, the Nile River contained a great number of fertile land. And that fertile land help the Egyptians plant food and crops. In the modern world today, that fertile land no longer exists; it is all just empty lonely desert.

First ruler of the Holy Roman Empire?

Henry I, first but he did not last that long so then, Otto I to be the emperor, which is considered to be the ruler. But a result of an uprising by Czech Protestants against the Catholic ruler of the Holy Roman Empire was the Thirty Year War.

Who is the first ruler of the roman empire?

Octavianus... later called Caesar Augustus is considered as the first roman emperor. Please note that the most famous roman leader, Julius Caesar had chosen Augustus as his own son. Julius Caesar himself doesn't really count as emperor... he had been blamed for concentrating the leading positions is ( Full Answer )

What ancient empire was found along the Nile River?

The fertile floodplain of the of the Nile was an ideal location foragriculture and civilization to develop. The first civilizationalong the Nile began around 5500 BCE when small tribes began usinganimal husbandry, developing pottery and agriculture. The culturesin the area would change with new grou ( Full Answer )

Who was the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire?

The first ruler of the Ottoman Empire that included the city of Constantinople was Mehmet the Magnificent. Around 150 years earlier, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty was Osman, who gave his name to the dynasty and empire.

What similarities exist between the nile and the indus river?

they have unpredictable flooding . ;. actually, the floods of the two rivers were predictable. Here is what i found,. -both located in Africa. -both branch into deltas. -both have ALOT of silt. - and of course, they both flooded.. I hope that helped.

Was Poseidon the first ruler of the sea?

Nope. Before the Olympians (which Poseidon was) there were Titans and the main titan who controlled the sea was Oceanus. He was ruler of the Seas until Poseidon took over.

How did the nile river influence the roman empire?

The annual flooding of the Nile provided Egypt with a bounty of agricultural products, the main one being wheat. In fact Egypt was sometimes called "the bread basket of the Mediterranean. As Rome imported much of its wheat from Egypt, the Nile was an important link in Rome's food chain. The annual ( Full Answer )

How many cataracts can you find in the nile river?

The Nile River has six cataracts. The first is located at Aswan; the second is currently under Lake Nasser; the third is at Tombos/Hannek; the fourth is now flooded by the Merowe Dam; the fifth is near where the Nile and Atbarah Rivers meet; and the sixth is near Bagrawiyah.

What is a nile cataract?

The Nile cataract is known as shallow waters in a river. This isusually seen in white or fast moving waters.